Friday, July 25, 2008

More Titles From Shawn Lane

Speaking of, I've almost got my latest short erotic historical gay romance finished. Called Sorcerer's Lover, I will shortly be sending it to Amber Quill for contract consideration. I'm hoping to report sending it off within the next few days.

ETA: I did send Sorcerer's Lover, Part One to Amber Quill and it will be contracted as an Amber Kiss. No stalking need commence for that one.

Then, I will be finishing off my latest short erotic contemporary romance (this one is heterosexual) called It's Only Make Believe and getting that sent to Ellora's Cave for consideration.

Then of course stalking emails commences. Sigh.

But while I wait to hear back on those two (which honestly I want both sent off to the pubs by Sunday, August 3rd at the latest), I will return to the story giving me more trouble than I ever guessed it would, A Knight For All. I have to finish it by the end of August which even if it takes me until August 3rd to send the other two stories off, that gives me almost an entire month in which to finish it.

By the way, I don't intend to take that entire month as I also have At Long Last to finish by the end of September, not to mention The Other Side and Jake's Regret in October and November. I haven't even started Jake's Regret and do not intend to until I have A Knight For All and At Long Last finished.

Don't forget, tomorrow I blog at Amber Quill.

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