Friday, June 13, 2008


Here is my cover for A Man Not Her Own coming August 01, 2008 from Wild Rose Press

So with the sale of The Prisoner to Wild Rose Press, that likely puts the Fitzroys to rest. Originally I intended to write the story of all the Fitzroy brothers and their nephew but unless some reader absolutely begs me to do so (yeah right) I probably won't. I have so many other things to work on now that I just don't know that I have the time to re-focus on that family.

I have my quickly expanding erotic writing career which I am currently focusing on not only because I have commitments but also because I want to work on it. Then I have a full of Sinful shortly out to Samhain which I hope will possibly turn into a contract. And I have two books that follow Sinful I really want to write, not to mention I want to write my third duke book for Cerridwen.

Unless the Fitzroys explode in earth shattering popularity (or at least Wild Rose Press shattering popularity) I can't see myself having the time to write Telford's story (the next brother) for a couple of years at least and that is if I don't become popular with my other books and need to expand on those.

I guess I will see what the future holds, but I do love my two Fitzroy Men, Nicholas and Brian.

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