Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The saga continues...

Okay so I am contracted for stories with Ellora's Cave into 2009 already. That's great in a way, but the thing is I don't want to stop writing just because I have plenty of contracts.

So when I have Trust completed in the summer I will go ahead and send it to my editor there anyway. I'd really like for it to find a home there more than anyone else out there. Fully knowing it won't be a release until 2009.

I started Scarborough's story with Cerridwen in mind but I am not really sure where I am going with it or I am satisfied with the parts I have written. I will give it some thought and probably put it aside until I return in June from my vacation then I will really work on it in earnest and send it to my CP for input. Provided she is willing of course.

I have also started the story for Amber Quill that would be coming in December and is potentially contract number 9 (if it is an acceptable piece of erotic fiction, of course). No title for it. But I have named one of the heroes Edward and the heroine Katherine. No name for the other hero yet. Need something for the medieval period so something like Dylan or Chip is out of the question, LOL.

I was reading the sad story of an author recently who sold a book to a major print publisher. Well, apparently it didn't sell very well and so they aren't going to publish her second book with them and have returned the rights to her. This can happen to any of us folks and it is a reminder that publishing is a business.

And finally I sent a 3 chapter partial of Sinful out to an editor at Samhain. Will see where it goes from there, if anywhere.

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