Monday, May 19, 2008

Future Plans

So I have learned with all my contracts at EC they usually won't release them too close together and with my many contracts I am probably going into 2009 already. Which is cool in a way but I also have all these ideas and plans working in my mind all the time.

I have decided I can probably start working on my third duke book, Scarborough's story, in earnest. It will take me a while to write it because it must be novel length for Cerridwen so over 50,000 words. So once I return from my upcoming vacation (next week) I will really concentrate on that. It has to have the same mystery suspense element as the other two duke books (well it has to have these elements to me)

I will also continue working on Trust too in the meantime. I hope to have that done in the summer and then I will submit that.

And I volunteered to do a story for an Amber Pax anthology for Amber Quill. It has to be a menage and I am thinking a medieval theme. I was approved by the editor to write it so I guess I am. Have to have it done by August.

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