Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Long Winded Post

So the editor at Samhain acknowledged receipt of my partial of Sinful so now I wait. I suspect it will be several weeks before I hear back as to whether she is interested in seeing the full. I believe they have something on their site that says you can go ahead and send the full to begin with as they will request it anyway if they like it but I'd rather know if the opening three chapter prompted them to request more. If you send the full you may never know if they got past the first ten pages before they passed. At least if they come back and request it you know they saw something there. My theory anyway.Plus she was nice enough to tell me to send her future work, I don't want to bombard her with a full if it ends up just not being her thing.

Haven't heard back on The Prisoner and it is almost the end of May when the WRP editor said she would have it read by, if not before. Definitely not before, obviously. I am thinking it will be a reject with suggestions for revisions. Then I will have to make the decision on whether to revise or just...well not. I don't know how I feel about it right now. Could be it depends on how extensive the revisions would be at this point with everything else I have going. I think the ending scene in that book is really one of the most romantic scenes I've ever written, really, so it will be a shame if it never sees the light of day, but that well may be it's fate.

Moving along on Trust at already 8000 words and not even the first sex scene yet. I've decided who the villain is but I have to think of a way it isn't too obvious. I've almost thought of a sequel to it too and though I know many of the other publishers do sequels I am not sure that EC does so I may be wasting my time thinking of a sequel to a book I haven't finished or even had contracted by anyone yet.

I think my other hero in A Knight's Love (I haven't thought of a real title yet) will be Gregory. I was looking up names on a medieval naming guide I have and that is the name that stuck out. I'd kind of like to go with Benedict but he is already the hero in my as yet unfinished Sorcerer's Lover tale that may also end up going to AQ in the future.

I'll be taking lots of reading material with me on my vacation. Books I have purchased, a book I am revising, and a notebook for um..notes.

Oh and a return to the subject of The Mist. I finished the book. Really good. My only complaint is this one tiny part where King has his protagonist who I really liked cheat on his probably dead wife in the grocery store. Yes, I know people deal with stress in different ways and his wife was almost certainly dead, he knew it and the reader knew it, but still it took him down several notches for me as a hero of the story and I can't for the life of me figure out what King was thinking when he included it in the story.

I did rent the movie made out of the book and there were certain things they got pretty good. I think the actor they had playing the protagonist was perfect for the part. The actress playing his wife was pretty terrible but they glossed over their relationship so fast she was barely in the story for more than a minute. Too bad, because I really felt their relationship in the book. They also tweaked the neighbor a bit but he was mostly okay. A lot of stuff they did in the grocery store they did right. Some of it they got really, really wrong. They did skip the protagonist cheating on his wife which was a good decision, but they made a much bigger part of the military guys in the store than was in the book, adding one in the pharmacy that was absolutely just stuck in there to be gross because he wasn't in the book, and a sacrificial scene involving one of the soldiers that was just so wrong on many levels I was shouting at the television. It was just so completely unnecessary. I think it was meant to provoke but what it provoked in me was disdain. And don't even get me started with the ridiculous way they changed the ending. When I returned it to Netflix I gave it a ONE rating. I should have known not to waste my time.

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