Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday's Musings

So I gave myself a break and wrote the prologue for "Trust". I'm not sure I am completely satisfied with it, but at least I got some ideas of what I wanted to go on down on paper.

Which is important because now I feel like I can continue on with Unexpected. I am determined now to work through the shower scene. I re-read what I have so far on that scene and it isn't horrible, so I am going to continue with it. I really want this book to be novella length so I'd rather not cut out any planned scenes.

I've decided I really waste too much time on stupid things. I had a lot of free time on the weekend and I still piddled away the time doing pretty much no writing. Watching television. Playing a video game. Cruising websites. Anything I could do rather than make myself write. Okay I wrote the prologue for "Trust" (not it's real name) but that was what...722 words? That's terrible for having hours and hours of free time to work. I need to learn my discipline if I really want to make a good living at this with lots of available works out there.

The Hearts Through History Contest is over soon. Today is the deadline judges were to have completed their judging. Of course there is always some straggler judge who can't manage it despite multiple reminders of the deadline. As a judge who has ALWAYS returned her entries in plenty early I just don't really get the mindset. But I should know within a couple of weeks how Sinful and Redemption did in my final contest appearance. I entered them to help the chapter so I am not expecting miracles. I don't generally do well in contests. I can count on one hand the number of contests I have ever finaled in. I finaled in two contests with A Man Not Her Own and one contest with Duke Pretender. That is it for chapter contests. Then I won the Amber Quill contest with The Squire. I am still convinced what pushed that win was the era I wrote it in. AQ doesn't have much in the way of historical erotica yet and none in the medieval period. The Squire is good, but I am sure they got a lot of good entries.

Anyway, the point is I am not expecting finals for either Sinful or Redemption. I've entered Sinful in a few contests with varying degrees of success. This is the first and only contest for Redemption. Which I love Graham but he certainly has his non-heroic qualities. Not that the amount of pages the judges will read will really highlight those. The problem is I know many of the judges for the contest and know how they are, thus my pretty good idea of how I will fare. Oh well. I can consider it a donation to the chapter.

I am coming up on a busy time for me. May is filling up with activities and vacations. June is also part of my vacation and then I have two releases coming out and edits on new works for Ellora's Cave coming. All the more reason to stop wasting precious writing time.

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