Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Progress Update

I've made significant progress on Unexpected in the last couple of days. Managed not only to get past the shower scene (and did a pretty decent job on it too I might say) but also finished that chapter (5) and started and finished another chapter (6). In the last three days I've managed 4400 words. So, yeah, not bad for someone who only writes part time.

At this rate I should have Unexpected finished within the next couple of weeks, then I will do the synopsis and send it out to my editor for consideration, probably well before my vacation as I originally planned. We'll see. I don't want to kill myself but I am winding down to the conclusion. This is going to be novella length.

Then I will decide what to do once Unexpected is concluded and sent. I'd like to work on "Trust" but feel I really need to think about Sorcerer's Lover before I tackle something entirely new. I do want to work on "Trust" though. I used to be able to work on more than one story at a time, but recently I seem to have lost my ability to do so. There are so many project/works in progress that I want to do and just really not enough time. I need to make a list and decide what is a priority.

In writer friend news--two of my recently agented buddies are getting so close to offers I am very happy for them. I can't wait until it happens for them and I will be first in line for copies of their books! Strangely I am not as envious as I once was, although naturally I am still a smidge jealous. I mean I still would love to be with a print publisher and certainly intend that to still happen with my trio (Mathias/Graham/Morton) but I am having so much fun and such success with the books I've contracted on my own with the epublishers that I still feel pretty good and very happy for their potential successes.

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