Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Day

So having got over my blog tizzy the other day...

Not much to report at the moment. Mailed out a contract on Monday and will be mailing another on Friday. I have one more story currently under consideration and am waiting to hear if that will be a contract or if I must seek publication elsewhere. The particular editor is generally fast in getting back to me so I suspect I should know one way or the other about that in the next few weeks.

I'm almost done getting The Prisoner ready to send to my Wild Rose Press editor. That's the sequel to A Man Not Her Own and therefore also the option piece under that contract. Their response time seems to be about ninety days so once I send that off I know I'll have a bit of time to wait. I'd like to send it off well before the end of March though and I think that won't be a problem.

Working on newer material so I will have more to submit. I only have until June 01, 2008 to get Sinful ready to query agents. Self-made deadline.

I should be coming out in the monthly newsletter for Cerridwen Press in April or May. I did an interview for it yesterday in anticipation for the release of Duke's Project next month.

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