Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Friend With An Agent.

Today is a happy day for my friend, Nicole Collins.

I vowed to myself I would not do another entry until I had something new to report. While it isn't really my news I am reporting it anyway.

My very gifted writer friend, Nicole, has just signed with an agent (or is about to anyway). I knew she was very close to getting somewhere soon. She is still working on revisions but I expect to hear in the not too distant future that she has made a sale. Not sure yet what name Nicole will use for her books other than not her real name. It's funny I always wanted to use my real name and still plan to on any books I get published by the print publishers (I use it now for some of my e-published books as well).

I did feel yet another twinge of envy. I had an agent once, of course, who was not a good match for me. Both of my close writer friends have agents that I think will do very well by them. Naturally I want the same. But a very wise person reminded me that I have five contracted books in the works. I am grateful for that. I've come very far this year in my writing career and I intend to get farther still.

So congratulations, Nicole! It is well deserved.

* I have received my edits for The Squire coming from Amber Allure in June 2008

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