Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Paranormal Medieval Series

I took the plunge and entered Redemption in Hearts Through History's contest. Which means I have to somehow come up with a stupid synopsis by March 15th when I absolutely have to have the entry to the coodinator. Since the book isn't actually finished any synopsis I write will likely be woefully inaccurate.

As for Sinful, I still haven't decided whether to enter it. I would love the final judge's publishing house to take a look should it final but the truth is I entered it in a handful of contests last year and got very mixed results and no finals. True I am working on re-writes but I would also have to re-do the synopsis since it is also woefully inaccurate. I wrote it before I finished the first draft and it has changed dramatically. Hell I changed one character totally 3/4 of the way into it.So we will see. Tempting though.

All those around me are getting agents so I am getting jealous. Sure I have sold three books but on my own with no advances or anything. And until I actually have the suckers available to purchase by strangers I won't believe it is actually going to happen. Plus the places I have sold to are e-publishers and while there isn't anything wrong with that no one is going to be able to walk into their local bookstore and buy it off the shelf. Most of the people I tell about my books think they will, but they won't. I want that.

So the question is, do I start contacting the publishers who take queries and subs without an agent on my own or do I go to the agents first. I don't know. I'm getting antsy and I want action by the summer.

In the meantime, I want to finish The Perfect Man by the second week of March at the latest. Preferrably before that. Then that will leave me freedom to work my little heart out on my series-Sinful, Redemption and Socerer. Those are my books that will get me the real dream. I feel it.

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