Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I have a release date for my second "duke" book. Release date for Duke Pretender is July 17, 2008. I've very fond of this book mostly because Jack Thorndike is one of my favorite heroes I have ever written. He's shown up in a number of books as the hero or part books really. Duke Pretender is the original book (though not the original version of it even). But when I initially couldn't sell it as a "traditional" Regency I thought I'd use Jack as the hero in another book. In that book he was going to be a disgraced nobleman who became a runner and then got disgraced in that profession and then was hired to pretend to be someone else. I never got very far in that book and it's just as well as the original incarnation of Jack (or close to original) has made it and will be coming in July.

In other Cerridwen Press news I have appeared on their list of authors as of today. No books listed for me, but I am there. Pretty cool.

And on to Wild Rose Press news. Got the galleys on A Man Not Her Own. It looks like the actual book. Very cool and professional looking. It's quite amazing how differently the publishers do things. I am getting the galleys and I don't even have a release date quite yet.

I also asked my edior at the Wild Rose Press if she would like to see the sequel to A Man Not Her Own and she would, so I will be getting that ready to send over.

Struggling a bit on The Perfect Man. Other than the current chapter I am working on I think I have 2-3 chapters left. Then that is off to my EC editor.

Worked a bit on the Sinful re-writes and worked on getting Redemption ready for the contest. Been busy!

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