Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Venturing out in to different genres

So I am writing some erotic romance these days. I recently tried entering one of them (a contemporary interracial) in a RWA Chapter run contest and I missed a final by 2 points. No doubt because of the incredibly crappy synopsis I did. I knew it was crap when I enterd but they insisted on one. Oh well. Alas.

I am also working on a m/m erotic romance set in the Regency historical and I intend to enter that in the upcoming Amber Quill contest. Much better because it is free and you have the potential to receive a contract.

Honestly, I am convinced that 90% of today's published writers would never actually final in contests if they annonymously entered. That's how sick and twisted the judging of these RWA chapter contests are.

Oh well...I am enjoying delving into new terroritory.

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