Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some Progress

The best laid plans as they say.

I had been saying I intended to get Finding Forever (Sutter’s Bay 4) done by the end of May, but I have to say that’s just not going to happen.

I’ve been working on it, but I put it aside to work on a couple of other things, Getting Wade, my anthology story, being one of them, and so that has, unfortunately, delayed my progress on Finding Forever.

I’m still working on another project but I am also back to working on Finding Forever and it is still my intention to have it done in June. If all goes as I wish, then I expect probably a September release for that one.

Yes, I know there is a rather big gap between my last release in March and any release later this year. I think at this point my anthology story is probably the first one to be released and that isn’t until August. But this year has been different as I’ve been expanding my publishing horizons.

All is going well, though, if not at the breakneck speed of past years.

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