Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The End of Summer, Update, and Contest

I know in many parts of the country it's no longer summer hot, but here in Los Angeles we are still experiencing heat, hopefully not for too much longer.

My plan is to have Eternally His done by the end of November. I'm not rushing myself so yeah all the way until the end of November at least. If it's done before then, splendid. 

And speaking of "His", on October 02, my last "His" book for 2011 will be released (the last two releases for me are the More novellas). If you'd like to win a free copy of Devotedly His, comment here. Contest starts now and runs until September 30. This one's a little longer than the last one (though not as long as the two More novellas).  


  1. Hi Shawn, Same here in So Fla..hot, hot and more of the same. Looking forward to 70 degree days. Please enter me to win one of the copies of Devotedly His.

    loribooklover62 @aol.com

  2. Finally cooling off here with 70's and I'm enjoying it. That doesn't mean I'm ready for winter though. Love the sound of the new story and ssssoooo hope to win.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  3. It's finally cooling off here. I know it was H-O-T when we were in Vegas. Is Cali hotter than Vegas? Congrats on your upcoming release:)

  4. I would definitely be happy with the 70s! Or even 80s!

    It's 95 here at the moment which I think is similar to Vegas this time of year though they were hotter than us in July and August. They tend to "cool" back down to the mid-90s by September.

  5. Please count me in!

    Yeah, the high tomorrow is only supposed to be 54F... but maybe back into the 70s next week! *crosses fingers*

  6. Summer is gone, guys! I don't know if that's good or bad, though...
    Congrats for the new releases, Shawn. Count me in, please! :)

  7. Hi Shawn! I read your previous post and wasn't able to comment, but let me say this now - congrats on that! I'm definitely looking forward to reading the interview.

    It definitely got cooler here in Connecticut. Last weekend was a killer - dropped to the 40s, I believe. But we're back to the high 60s and low 70s right now. It's raining outside.

    Please count me in for the contest as well!

    beatrice.g.tan [at] gmail [dot] com