Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just Another Day

I'm working on More Than Enough, which is my second college story (not sure if it's part of the college daze series or not) and the companion piece to the already completed and scheduled, More Than Anything (coming October 30).  It's going pretty well and I'd say I'm about half done with it. It's got to be done by the end of this month.

Lo and behold, my entries for a contest arrived this past weekend. I am a judge. I have to have five books read by September 07, 2011. Um, yeah. This might be comptelely reasonable save for the above paragraph mentioning the work in progress. Note to Shawn: do not volunteer to judge contests.

Also, I am going away for a few days a couple of times this month. Little summer trips. During which my laptop will be staying behind.

So yeah, no pressure or anything.

The good news is this is the last story I must have done this year. I will be working on adding a little bit to a free story I will be putting out on ARe in time for the holidays, but that should be fairly easy as the bulk of the story is written.

I'm fairly certain I know what I will be working on for the end of the year, but I am fickle and change my mind frequently so it could change. I won't mention it now for fear it will.


  1. Oh, I bet it feels GOOD to be working on the last one that HAS to be done this year - freeing, mayhap?

  2. Ah yes, I'm judging those that one too. And ditto on the works in progress that need attention!

    Glad you are about at the end of your obligations for the year! And I'm looking forward to the More's. :)

  3. It does feel freeing! I am looking forward to doing as I please the last three months of the year!

    Thanks, Dev. Yes the contest. Blast it. LOL

    I've had a great time writing the "More's" and the young boys, but will be quite glad when I reach the end. :)