Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly News

Don’t have anything to report at the moment.

I’m working on my unnamed college story. It’s not due for a while but it’s the only story I have that has a deadline so I decided I may as well get it done early.

I’m thinking of having a name that story contest if I can’t magically come up with a title soon. If I do, I’m going to not only give away a book but perhaps a gift certificate. We shall see. Stay tuned on that.

I’ve already chopped some out of the story and started a new part, but may add back in what I chopped at another point. I should do the Ava March thing and write out the plot for myself so I don’t forget my plans…but I won’t. LOL.


  1. A good 90% of the time, I am quite the pantser. Even when I do somehow manage to put the bare bones plot idea on paper, I invariably stray quite shockingly from it! LMAO