Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekly News

I've been busy, so I have some news.

I completed my ghost story, Lost Between, and submitted it with the forms to AQ. It's scheduled for July 10, 2011 and will be part of the A Ghostly Affair Pax.

This means Hitting it Big has been scheduled for the very last day of July, July 31. It's a very short story, might be my shortest yet.

Also, the first three Sutter's Bay stories will be out in paperback at the end of August, simply titled Sutter's Bay, Volume One.

Now...on to the next work in progress.


  1. Quite the newsie-packed weekly news post. 3 coming soon books. Congrats!!

  2. YAY! Congrats, Shawn:) I can't wait to read the ghost story. You've got some really great things happening to you the next few months. That's great!

  3. It seems like a lot of news but it's just a small amount, really. Lost Between is only the really new thing (and thanks Andi, hope you will enjoy it).

    For the paperback all I had to do was fill out a few forms for AQ to add the stories together into a collection. Piece of cake!

    And Hitting it Big was just a change of date.

    Now I need to tell Leo to shut up and wait his turn. He's bugging me. LOL.