Thursday, April 28, 2011

Upcoming Releases and Plans

So, in other news, while I was on hiatus, I wrote a short story for Amber Quill called Hitting it Big. It’s an Amber Kiss sized story so more along the lines of Manfred’s Curse as far as length is concerned. A light-hearted story about two guys who reconnect after one of them wins the lottery. We can dream, can’t we? It’s a bit of a departure for me in that the story is entirely from one character’s point of view. Not first person, though. I don’t plan to make a habit of it but for this story it worked.

The tentative release date for Hitting it Big is July 17, 2011, however this is most definitely subject to change..

I’m working on Waking the Prince and had hoped to have it done and submitted to a publisher by early summer. Not sure that's possible now, may be later summer, given that there was a project I had hoped to escape, but it's looking like I will not. I’ll keep you posted on when it’s finished and off to find a home.

For now I am working on the project I had hoped not to have to work on, but alas...well I am. I hope everything will turn out great on that score. And this is not the vacation story I bowed out of earlier, at least.

After that, I have another story I started that I will need to complete by September 01. Don’t anticipate any issues with that though. I can’t name it since I haven’t got a title yet, but I’ve started it.

Not sure if I will have time for anything else the rest of 2011 at this point. My schedule is really filling up. I still hope to work on my cop partners story later this year. I also have Sutter’s Bay 4 to tackle (Leo Winthrop’s story) and another “His” story, Can’t Be His.

If I can get that all done by the end of 2011 I’ll be surprised! LOL. Likely some of that will be pushed to 2012.


  1. I know! Total insanity. I don't think it's possible for me. I know authors who have the ability to produce enough to get out as many as two stories a month for their publishers, but I work a day job and there is simply no way I can keep up that kind of pace. Not and have my stories seriously suffer. So, likely what I've mentioned in this post is entirely too ambitious! lol.

  2. 6 books before the end of the year? :-O Yeah, that's a lot. Then again, when you put your mind to something, you tend to get it done. ;)