Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What Was I thinking?

A few things.

I have named my Postcards From Paradise story, The Way to Forever. This is the one where Billy goes to Ireland on vacation and meets the man of his dreams.

I’m currently working on Becoming His. This story is related to Accidentally His in that two secondary characters from the upcoming Accidentally His get their story in Becoming His. I’ve already got over 8,000 words done on the story and hope to get it done and into the schedule in the not too distant future.

Which also brings me to the news that I will be doing a new series for Amber Allure. I’ve been given the go ahead on the series and Accidentally His and Becoming His are the first two in the series. If I do it right I should have as many as 26 stories. Each “His” story will have a title that will begin with a letter of the alphabet. Quite clearly A and B will be the first two, lol.

I doubt all stories in the series will be directed related to Accidentally His and Becoming His. Meaning by the time the series is finished I doubt there will be six degrees of separation from all the cast of characters.

As you can imagine some letters will be more challenging than others so if anyone has suggestions for the following letters please feel free to send them my way via my email of authorshawnlane@gmail.com. Q, V, X, Y and Z. You would be richly rewarded if you suggest the ultimate title for those letters.
This series will keep me busy, of course, and that doesn’t even include all the other stories I have planned. Ah, well, at least the ideas have not dried up.


  1. A series of 26?! It's probably good that they aren't all going to be related - there really can only be one Cattle Valley, right? ;)

  2. Nah and they won't all live in the same town. Even with Sutter's Bay I think 4 or 5 is the limit with the town. I confess I have never rad the CV series but am aware of its existence. I suspect my His series will be over years though considering I intend to write other things as well, lol.

  3. I haven't read CV, either, but all of her other series seem to end up there, too. It's like the Borg...

  4. I have one for V - Very His. Not sure if it makes any sense, but it starts with V. Oh - Q - Quite His. This is fun :)

  5. Quite His would be good if the "Q" ends up being a Regency story, lol. Sounds definitely like something a historical romance author would come up with.

    But it does bring up that most of the suggestions I've received have "ly" in the words and it's not necessary to have that. For example, "J" will probably be "Just His".

  6. Wow... 26 books. Sounds like a lot of writing. :) Good luck!

  7. I'm a sucker for a series!

    Virtually His (online dating romance maybe?)

    Zealously His (okay, that's not great)

    You could cheat with the X.

    eXtremely His

    eXtraordinarily His


  8. Ignore this. Subscribing to comments.

  9. Yeah Lily trust me I won't be pouring them out over a year or probably even two. I'll be spreading them around.

    I've gotten Virtually His a few times so that's a strong possibiity.

    And you and Chris think alile on Zealously. I could have a shapeshifter and be Zoologically His!

    And I already thought of cheating on the X! We all think too much alike.

  10. Laura Aleman StriplinMarch 3, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Sent them to your email addy. That was fun :). Didn't even cheat on the X :)