Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More Updates

I'm going to be blogging slightly less in 2011, I think. I'll still post at least a couple times a week, no fear there, but I decided trying to keep a schedule and posting particular things on certain dates wasn't really working the way I wanted them to work.

This may be good news for some of you who might be going, ugh, she's posting something else again! lol. As I said, I'll still post regularly, but I'm not sticking to a schedule and I'm not worrying about posting on certain days.

I'm very close to having Accidentally His finished, which is good, because I'm ready to get working on Sutter's Bay 3, Galaxy's Heart while there is still time. Yeah, yeah, I have two real deadlines to meet by June 01, but I'm trying to get Accidentally His and Galaxy's Heart in there before I have to worry too much about the others.

Accidentally His is the start, sort of, to a mini-series. And by mini-series, I mean there will be another related book (different couple). I don't think there will be any others after that but you never know as series books seem to do very well for me (Only Forever and Sutter's Bay have been quite successful). The next one can't come until after June though. Busy, busy until then.

Somehow, I get myself talked into agreeing to write themed books and so the two "deadline" books fall into this category. I really need to stop that nonsense, lol. More on those books as the time comes closer.


  1. Hey, more writing is a good thing! :)

    Hmm, my veri word is billie. Is there a Billie in any of your upcoming books? ;)

  2. Thank God I have only one more book to catch up on - because it looks like 2011 is going to be busy..

    Congrats on the pace hon....

    and what ever works for you on the ptosing - Schedule post hon, I find I cannot live without it...


  3. Oh, no, there isn't Chris, but you know, the book I have to do after Galaxy's Heart doesn't have names for the heroes until now! LOL. Thanks to your veri word one of them is going to be named Billie! Or possibly Billy.

    Thanks, EH, I appreciate the support, :)

  4. Who needs the Magic 8-ball when we have veri words?!

    Hmm: exciz. Probably a commentary on my needing to exercise instead of being a slug...