Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

The other day Ava March and I were talking about posting on our blogs stories we were thinking of doing because often those stories don't materialize for a variety of reasons or don't get written as soon as we'd thought. Ava thought it was better not to mention the ideas we have running through our heads because of that exact thing. When it's posted it almost feels like a promise and if it doesn't happen we worry about disappointing readers.

The truth is this happens. I've done it myself. Whether mentioning a new story idea or saying I intend to write a sequel on a particular book there have been times when ideas or sequels have gotten dropped or postponed indefinitely. It's not intentional. Things happen. Books don't sell as well as you'd like or something else comes up that pushes it aside. This is an ever changing industry and that includes the authors.

So, I guess I'm wondering if when I get a new idea I should just not mention it or if I should continue to post about them. Sometimes, like with The Impersonator, I know I am writing it because I have a deadline. For instance I know I have to do my ghost story by June of 2011. But other stuff is open and changing all the time. I have ideas of what I want coming in 2011 of course.

Anyway, so if anyone cares to say whether they want me to shut up on ideas for what I intend/want to write or it's okay to continue babbling, feel free to state them.    


  1. Interesting topic, Shawn (and Ava)!

    From my perspective as a reader, I love to hear about ideas as they come along, especially from an autobuy author...very cool to follow the story from conception to birth, so to speak. Almost feel like a member of the family!

    And yes, I'm sure there are times when an idea just doesn't go anywhere, but rest assured I am almost certain to be distracted by new ideas (because as a readers we don't *know* you've completely given up on the idea, so the possibility is still there--good enough). ;)

    The only time I would be truly disappointed as a reader would be when the writer has pointedly and obviously set up within the body of a book for a sequel or spin-off...that never comes about, leaving their characters hanging. There's one that immediately jumps to mind, where the secondary character had a big role, went from kind-of enemy to ally, and the book actually ended IN this guy's pov. That was two years ago, so I haven't completely given up hope yet, but still...

    That's quite different from you batting around an idea on the blog, then moving on to other things. At least in my mind! So my (long-winded) answer is, ramble away!!

    From the writing side of the coin, I am rarely able to keep from immediately jumping in and starting a story I come up with. So if I've chatted about it on my blog, chances are it's already in the works. I have no impulse control!

  2. If mentioning it is helpful to you (helps cement the idea in your head, draws feedback on the idea, etc), then go for it. If it isn't helpful (feels like an obligation you need to meet, etc), then I wouldn't.

    It's interesting to read about the ideas... but, truthfully, I think that most of us are bombarded with so much info every day that it blurs and fades quickly...

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, ladies, :)