Friday, October 8, 2010

A Post for Drew (We Miss You)

There's an online friend out there who disappeared in early May, right before his 21st birthday. In the few months myself and some other friends knew him, Drew greatly touched our hearts and our lives. You couldn't meet a sweeter, kinder guy and Shayne and I used to joke that we were his adoptive parents.

Drew has an artist's soul and is sensitive and very smart. Not long after the holidays of last year, Drew's father suddenly died. Drew was much too young to lose his father and both Drew and his mother struggled with the loss. Drew even dropped out of college to stay with his mother during this difficult time. He went several weeks without talking to us, but eventually he started responding to our notes and did his best to try and mingle amongst us again.

Until early May. It's been months since we've heard from him and many of us have emailed him numerous times. The recent rash of young gay teens committing suicide has me thinking of Drew and other young gay men and women struggling with day to day living in a country that is still incredibly intolerant at times.

I miss my adoptive son, Drew, very much and I still hope he will come back and tell us he is all right. I look for a note or a word from him every day. I hope some day he sees this post or reads his messages and knows how much we all miss him and will never judge him. We just want him to come back to us.
Please wear purple for Spirit Day, October 20, 2010.


  1. I hope he's ok, and that you hear from him again soon...

    *crosses fingers*

  2. My thought do turn to him now and again.. but I second your post..

    I do so hope he is fine...

    Pray that he sees this and know we all are thinking of him...


  3. Thanks I hope we hear from him soon too. And that he's safe

  4. It's scary when online friends disappear, because you feel so powerless. Can't help but wonder about them and hope they are all right.

    I really hope Drew pops back up online, soon. He's just so sweet and kind, and we all really miss him.

  5. Shawn, you've made me cry now. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't wonder and worry about our sweet Drew. I miss him so much. We went from almost daily messages to absolutely nothing. He truly does have a beautiful soul, and I hope that he is well and happy wherever he is.