Sunday, October 17, 2010

An Interview With Myself

What are your final releases of 2010?
Manfred's Curse from Amber Quill Press and The Naughty Ones from Silver Publishing.

What is your first release for 2011?
I don't have anything scheduled right now. That does not mean, however, that I won't be releasing books in 2011. It just means nothing is currently scheduled. Once some works have been finished I should have better ideas of what the release dates for 2011 will be.

Do you listen to music when writing?
Sometimes, but often I have the television on in the background or I write at work at lunch.

What songs do you find the most inspirational?
Most of the songs I use are haunting songs. I rarely listen to up songs when writing so I don't find them inspirational. Three of the songs I find most haunting are How It Ends by Devotchka, Foolish Games by Jewel, and Exile by Enya.

Though I haven't used How It Ends for direct inspiration yet, I have used Foolish Game. This is the song I had in mind when I created Kyle from Beyond the Norm and the song often played while I was writing it.
For Exile, early in my writing I was writing a medieval Irish warrior story and in the book the hero's best friend gets killed in the epic battle, it's quite tragic, because the best friend was a major character throughout and he dies, so while he is dying and my hero is dealing with it, Exile plays in my head and in my house, and trust was heartbreaking.

Do you have any sequels planned for 2011?
I haven't entirely given up on The Other Side's sequel nor Sorcerer's Lover 3, but they are both low priority for me at the moment. I am considering a direct sequel to Manfred's Curse but that will depend on time issues and how well the initial story was received. Anything else I have planned could be series related but not other direct sequels are planned at this time.

You once mentioned co-writing a historical with Ava March. Whatever happened with that?
It's on hold for now because both of us have been extremely busy. It doesn't mean it won't ever happen, we have the barebones planned out for it, but at the moment, we're both working on other obligations.


  1. Thanks for the insightful interview with...uh, yourself. :) I'm trying to decide, MPD or garden variety schizophrenia? LOL, just kidding, I've always liked the QA format, appeals to my orderly mind. Question, answer. Very satisfying.

  2. It's cool how the interviewer knew just the right questions to ask! ;)

    That's my favorite Devotchka song!

  3. Thanks Eyre and Chris. How it Ends is an awesome song.

  4. Thanks for the interesting interview, ladies. :D