Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't Forget Spirit Day Tomorrow

Don't forget to wear purple for Spirit Day tomorrow. May we never forget the young lives lost because of intolerance and hate.


  1. I'm taking a stand tomorrow. The school only allows us to wear black and white, unless it's something special like Breast Cancer awareness, we could wear pink.
    When I asked the instructor if we could wear purple and explained why I wanted to, they didn't think it was important enough.
    So tomorrow I'm wearing purple AND i'll be immediately sent home for breaking dress code, but I don't care.
    Sometimes it's important to take a stand. :)

  2. Go, Andi! Thanks for the reminder, Shawn.

  3. Tomorrow's Wednesday already? See, this is what happens when I take a vacation day. The old brain thinks today should be Monday.

    Thanks for the reminder! And you go, Shell!!