Monday, September 20, 2010

I Got Nothing

Nothing to report.

Still waiting for the cover for Manfred's Curse and The Naughty Ones (I think Naughty's cover will be a generic Christmas cover and will probably be a while before I see it).

I did get the first chapter of The Impersonator done so I made progress there. But really, not too much going on.

With The Beach House coming up in October, Manfred and Naughty in November and December, those will be the three books closing out 2010 for me. Everything else I am working on will be seen in 2011.

So, that's a pretty good year for me really at ten total releases. Can't complain about that. What I can complain about is how many stories I still have coming up to be written! Oy! LOL.

PS. The black kitty looks like Manfred in the story.


  1. Aw, look at the pretty black kitty! *scritches*

    Oh, um, hi, Shawn!! :D

  2. Well Manfred is a pretty black kitty (male of course, lol) so I chose that one to represent him, lol. Thought of you, too.

  3. A writer's work is never done, eh? I can't wait until The Beach House is released! It's going to be great!

  4. Well, it sounds like something to me! You got chpt 1 done on The Impersonator :)

    10 releases is fabulous!! Congrats on a great writing year.

  5. Back to the key board woman --- 2011 will be here before you know it...

    Love the kitten.... Keep him away from the Chris two horrors...