Sunday, July 25, 2010

Monday Updates

I've finished the first chapter of my new work in progress, Accidentally His. The guys, Kirk and Elijah, meet when the commuter bus they both take to work crashes in a rain storm. Should be a slightly lighter book than Pieces and my next two releases are (Twice in a Lifetime and The Beach House).

I'm also toying (pun intended) with the idea of working on a Christmas story titled, The Naughty Ones. It will involve two naughty Christmas Elves (think adult full sized elves ala Lord of the Rings elves rather than Hermie from Rudolph).

Those are my updates for now.


  1. No Hermie? Aw...bummer. LOL! I really like the idea of naughty Lord of the Rings elves ;)

  2. Well all won't have long hair, either, lol. You'll just have to see. :D