Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Mini Survey

In a gay erotic romance novella, how much sex is too much:

A) Any sex it too much. I prefer sweet gay romance, so I don't want them ever doing it.

B) More than one scene

C) More than two scenes

D) More than four scenes

E) There's no such thing as too much m/m loving. Bring it on


  1. I'd go with E) There's no such thing as too much m/m loving. Bring it on


    it's important that the sex scenes be relevant to the story and not just rampant sex with no rhyme or reason. There has to be a strong story woven into it to really give it life.


  2. What can I answer to that?

    I'm not a big fan of sex. I like action, not the characters doing each other all the time. But at the same time... They have to have sex!

    I'd say one to two sex scenes would be enough. But as I'm not a big fan of those scenes (and yet I only read erotic gay romance...), so I'm sure I'm in the minority here! *lol*

  3. Actually, TT, you are who prompted the question. It's a bit perplexing to me, honestly, lol, but to each his/her own. I'll still like ya even if you don't like sex.

    My answer is more likely E, although, writing the scenes gets tiresome, I like to read them.

  4. Really, I did? Hahah, that's priceless!

    I don't know why I don't like to read sex scenes though. Some I read, if they don't go on for page after page. But the long ones I find I skip, except if they speak. I read the dialogue. *lol*

    And really... I write sex scenes myself in my own books! So yeah, it is a bit perplexing to me as well sometimes! *lol*

  5. Bring it on...as long as there is also enough storyline to keep me interested in the plot, too.

  6. Definitely E, but with the 'there's needs to be a story' caveat and the scenes need to be varied. If the guys are doing the same things in the same positions in the same setting in most every scene, then it can get...skimmable.

    On the other hand, I have liked books that don't have a lot of explicit sex. All depends on the story. But when given the choice, I go for the books with guys who like to get it on ;)

  7. Shawn you ask the hardest questions.

    I want to say too much is never enough - but sometimes that just don't work for me...

    Having it just for filling page time is not worth it, but then there are moments where that's the natural progression of an evening or a moment for the protags - as TT said, as long as it's real...

    Personally - I normally only read the first sex scenes in a book and get the gist of how an author put the moves on his/her protags - after that I either skim or jump over other scenes..

    I am reading a book now where the second sex scenes is 11 and a half pages long... I just cannot be bothered to read all that... I just look for the dialogue and move over

    I also have a thing about logistic of arms and legs - so I am quite finicky about the position an author poses the protags in.. so I rather just jump them as often as I can...

    I probably didn't answer, just rambled on...

    I'm going now...


  8. Yeah, I usually read the first sex scene too, EH, because well, it's usually the protags first time together. But the others I almost always skip...

    11 pages? o.O I would never read that one, word for word. Not even if it was the first sex scene! *lol*

  9. Well clearly I picked an interesting topic this time, didn't I? lol

    Funny I can't say I've ever thought so logically while reading sex about the logistics of the bodies. Well unless it's something so ridiculous like his long snakelike tongue got all the way to his...well you know, lol.

    I can also honestly say I have never written an 11 page scene. Mine are actually quite short. I've even been told to drag them out more, lol.

    Interesting answers though. Hopefull others will chime in, too.

  10. Definately an interesting one Shawn..

    My obsession with arms and legs have to do with my love of Menage books - and I suppose I just get finicky and look at arms and legs in m/m or m/f relationships as well...

    It can make or break a book for me if an extra arm appears or the position just seems un-doable

    I suppose most people have a pet peeve in books... Mine are body parts logistic and professionalism - I really hate the protags who toss caution to the wind when they meet a new guy or a new girl ..

    I know it's fiction - but love can't put the bacon on the table (outside of a sugar daddy or sugar Mommy that is).. if you have a good job or a budding career why act like an idiot for an unsure thing...

    I love dirty talk in sex scenes as well - but I find not a lot of author go that route - One of the reasons I love erotica..


  11. That you did, Shawn.

    I'm quite happy with the sex scenes you write. They aren't to long, so I don't start to get bored with it all in the middle. *lol* And I will certainly not tell you to drag them out. *g*

    That's interesting about the logistics of the body, EH. I've never really thought about it, though I do picture the guys in my head while reading. *lol* But I guess a menage does have you wonder about the logistics more, with there being not two but three people involved in the sex, and I don't really care for menage books, so... *shrugs*

    I'm pretty vanilla now that I think about it. Don't like menage, cheating or much kink. Just the usual positions. I'm so boring. *lol*

  12. @TT...

    I am definately kink all the way - I don't mind the vanilla, but I do like to mix it up every now and then..


  13. People are so different in their tastes. *lol*

    I can maybe go a little into kink, some kinky play and that. As long as it's not D/s, because submitting to someone... that just doesn't agree with me. *lol*

  14. E. If a lot of sex scenes help to tell a story that's fine, but if they are just thrown in it wouldn't work.

  15. I know you wouldn't tell me to drag out the scenes, TT. LOL.
    It was actually an editor. And I think she's backed off from that at this point.

    EH, like TT, I don't really read menages but yeah I can see where you'd start thinking about who put what where. I've seen menages inacted in certain porn sites though (Men at Play, lol). Or should I admit that? ha ha

    Thanks Donna and Leni for chiming in there too. I think many of us go with E but as long as there is story as well.

  16. It depends. Are the sex scenes relevant to the story? Are they varied and interesting, or repetitive? I've definitely skimmed sex scenes in books because they were repetitive, dull, unrelated to the story, or used to avoid having to write about the characters working through issues, etc.

  17. *muttermutters*

    Ignore this. It's simply so I can subscribe to the comments.

  18. Oddly enough I can't think of any time I've ever gone, "oh, God, they're at it again, I'm skipping this one." Read it every time.

    The ONLY exception is if it is a re-read. Sometimes for favorite books I've read over and over I just skip to the parts I liked the best. But if it's a book that I am reading for the first time I don't skip it.

    Does that make me a perv? lol

  19. Umm...no - it doesn't make you a perv *grin*

    I never skip a sex scene unless it's a case of too little plot and too much sex then my mind strays other than that I'm a firm believer in paying attention to the loving.


  20. I'll have to go with E as long as they enhance the plot/relationship. I've read some novella that were pretty much all sex and enjoyed them for what they were. There were others that I didn't like as much. I've also read some with no sex that were enjoyable but I would have liked them better if there had been some hot lovin'. ;)

  21. I can't help but notice no one has said A (although TT came close)


  22. I'd be a liar if I didn't say E but I also want a plot of some kind and interesting protags with my sex. As long as I've got those I'll read as many, or even as little, sex scenes as the author puts in.

    However, if it's all sex, no plot and cookie cutter protags, I'll be disappointed with the story.

  23. Thanks again. everyone, for the great discussion.