Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sometimes All the Wishes in the World Don't Make it Happen

I'm missing someone terribly. That's right, it's Shayne. It's been a while since I've heard from him. I have no idea if he is okay or what is happening with him. I used to hear from him practically every day, even just a little note to make me smile, but that doesn't happen anymore. I think maybe I lost him. It feels that way and I'm broken-hearted.

So, sorry if I am a little bit of a downer. You know that old saying about losing your best friend? It hurts. I hope things get better no matter what happens. And I, of course, wish nothing but the best for Shayne. Always.

On a hopefully more positive note, I made progress on Twice in a Lifetime yesterday, so writing is going well. I'm looking forward to the long weekend quite a bit though. Anyone have any big plans?

UPDATE - Shayne is okay. He hasn't dropped off the face of the earth, thankfully. So, I'll stop whining I promise.


  1. *hug*

    I have an online friend who's like that for me (and me for him), so I can imagine how you're feeling. I worry about that with him and with my other online friends - how would I know if something happened?! And how would they know if something happened to me?

    *BIG HUG*

  2. That's exactly it, Chris. We get so attached to people, even online. Thanks for the hugs. I need them, :)

  3. You definitely sound like you need them!

    I've had the great good fortune to meet some of my "imaginary internet friends" and it's always been wonderful. In fact, at the end of October, I'm going to meet up with Kris, Tam, Tracy, Jenre, and more at Yaoi-Con in San Francisco - very, VERY excited about that.

  4. Me again... every time I think of those friends who just vanish, I think of this poem by Merrit Malloy.

  5. I've always seen people talk about that conference. I know it is very popular. Sounds like you will have tons of fun.

    The poem is lovely, thanks.

    I'm still hoping every day that I will hear again from Shayne. :)

  6. I'm sorry Shawn. Maybe he is really busy right now. I'm sorry you are hurting.
    we love you.

  7. Thanks, Z, I appreciate it. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself, I guess, :)

  8. No reason to feel sorry for yourself. Losing touch with a friend hurts. ((hugs))

  9. Thanks again (((everyone))). On to more postive things, eh?

  10. It's a very tough thing to think somehow you've drifted apart. I'm happy to see that you've had some contact with Shayne now and he's ok. *hug*

  11. Good to know you two eventually connected...

    All is well then...