Monday, April 12, 2010

What is Next for Shawn

So having finished the Only Forever story, what is next for me, writing-wise?

Well, I am going to be working on The Beach House, which is my Hot Summer Daze story for Amber Quill. This is the barebones premise of it:

"Just out of his second try at Rehab, beautiful and famous male model, Mason Phillips, spends the summer at a rented beach house. Just the sort of thing his agent thinks will be good for the out of control beauty. Mason thinks the isolation sucks until he spots the guy next door, John Harding, and sets out to seduce him for a summer fling. Mason is sure John won't be able to resist him. Who can?"

There will be a little more to it then that, but you get the idea. This story isn't due until July 01, but I doubt I'll wait that long to have it finished. You never know about me though.

Also, as I have been continuously promising, I will be working on Jude's story. I'm hoping to have it completed within the next couple of months since very soon it will be coming up on a year that Sweet Reunion was out. I may be doing a third story set in the fictional world of Sutter's Bay, too. Twice in a Lifetime is one of the angst-ridden stories, so those are always a bit more complicated to write.

But up next, before either of those stories, I'll be working on chapter one (my chapter) of The Price Paid (that's the working title) of my co-authored book with Ava March. This is a first for the two of us and we're not really sure how others go about it or if it will work for us, exactly, but we're giving it a shot. The plan right now is for me to write one character, Aaron, and Ava to write the other, Conrad. The opening chapter is in Aaron's point of view. It's funny because even though we are critique partners we have a differing style. Ava tends to write much longer chapters than I do and she writes slower, too, probably because her chapters are more detailed. Should be interesting!

So, that's it for now.

Edited to add:
I hesitate to mention this, because I am breaking my OWN rule, but last night while I struggled to fall asleep (what else is new), I came up with a nagging idea in my surely delirious mind.

Though Lance and Maurice made only a brief appearance in Still the One, I got an idea for THEM as a couple. Lance is a red-haired English transplant sous-chef and Maurice is a tall, thin, BALDING man from Chicago who works as a waiter at Dustin's restaurant.

This would be a first for me, having a balding hero, but something about this pairing intrigues me.Sigh.


Happy One Year To My BFF.


  1. ....yeah, that's why I write slower than you. I'll have to remember it next time Shayne starts cracking the whip, though I'm not certain he'll accept that excuse. lol

    Totally agree - should be interesting, and fun to write The Price Paid together! I'm definitely looking foward to it :)

  2. You know I'm happy that you're writing the model story and I'm very happy your finally going to finish Jude's story.

    The story you and Ms.Ava are going to write together will be fabulous! The combination of both of your writing styles will compliment one another.

    But, Ms. Ava is so right...I will be getting my whip ready to keep her from being a slacker!

  3. Oh, I'm intrigued by this Shawn & Ave project!

  4. Yeah we've been talking about it for months now so I suppose it's time to get to it, lol

  5. I've said is over on Shayne's already, but happy anniversary! :)

    I'm not a BFF, but we must be coming up pretty quickly on my Shawn (and Ava) connection anniversaries...(note to self to check archived emails).

    Co-write, then Jude?? *swoons* My cup runneth over (and not in the way I read last night, haha).

  6. Shawn, I've said this before, but I have to say it again--I am so jealous of your imagination!

  7. Yes, I really am going to try to get promised stories done. After the ones mentioned here I am devoting July and August to The Other Side 2 & Sorcerer's Lover3

    Thanks, Eyre. I seriously wish I could turn off the new idea mechanism sometimes though! At least temporarily. lol!