Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday Musings


I'm not sure what I am musing about today.

It's great to have friends.

Computer problems suck.

Drew is spectacular!

I wonder if I will live forever, lol.

There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be.

And since all of those (except Drew) were kind of lame, here is some candy!


  1. Oh oh about the computer problems...

  2. Well fortunately, if there can be something fortunate about it, it's the other computer in the house, not my laptop with all my work on it. But...it is the one which has my itunes stuff on it. Sigh

  3. Woe!! I have the strange urge to go back up my computer right now...

  4. Not sure I agree about the lame part, but I'll definitely take the candy :)

  5. Seemed lame to me, lol. I am not very thoughtful today, I am afraid. Could be the headache. Could be my brain died with the computer (not good when you can't even get the blasted thing to come on). Could be I am to emo today, lol. I dunno.

    But the boys are pretty and they ARE boy, aren't they? Sheesh. I am a perv.

  6. I hope your headache didn't carry over to today and that the computer problems have been solved.

    Drew is fabulous!

  7. Computer problem is not solved. Have to get a new one, damn it! Headache is gone.

  8. Woe about the computer... but at least the headache is gone!