Thursday, April 29, 2010

So This Is What Is Happening

Next week, Wednesday-Sunday, I will be going to Las Vegas. We (me, mother, sister) are staying at Bellagio. Gorgeous hotel. I've never stayed there before as it's too expensive for me, but since my sister is paying, I am happy. She's going to a lawyerly conference and asked my mother and I to accompany her. She has to work, me and my mother get to play. Sweet deal.

Anyway, I've decided to finally see "O". I've wanted to see this show since in opened in Vegas many years ago. I saw the original Cirque de Soliel show they did in Vegas when it first opened, Mystere. I loved it, but even then in the early-mid-nineties, it was expensive. My friends and I splurged. When "O" came out it was Cirque in water and I wanted to see it but it came out at like $100 a ticket. Trust me, couldn't do it, and no one else I knew wanted to spend that kind of money either.

Now many years later, I've decided to treat myself and see it. It hasn't come down in price either. In fact, the orchestra seats are like $165. Needless to say, I decided I could handle seeing it from the theater's balcony. I was able to get 25% of the normal balcony price so I am seeing it for $80. Still a lot but more doable for me. And what else would I do with that $80 besides throw it into a machine not likely to give me any money in return. At least with "O" I expect to be entertained.

I'll be seeing it by myself, but that's okay. My mother is of the mind that she goes to a place like Vegas to gamble and nothing else. We are lucky if we can tear her away long enough to sit and eat a meal. The thing about my mother though is she is eighty-four now so she can't go as long as she once did. I'm not seeing the show until 10pm so I suspect by the time I am out at around midnight she will have already gone back to the room and bed. My sister will often go to shows with me but this time she has decided she needs to keep an eye on my mother and so I am going anyway. Go me! as Shayne would say.

I'll be bringing my laptop so I will have access to the internet and my computer for at least some of the time. Saturday night (May 8) we will be staying at Stateline (Nevada-California border) and I know from past experience it is a dead zone. If you've seen the area, it really is, in more ways than one. But it is about a good 60 miles closer to home on the way back and at like $45 a night to stay there a good $200-$300 cheaper than another night at Bellagio. But trust me, there is a big difference. LOL.

Anyway, though I am bringing my laptop to stay in touch, chances are I won't be writing any hot and heavy sex scenes between Mason and John with my mother and sister right there. So, it is my intention before next Wednesday to have another chapter of The Beach House done. I have done two so far and am working already on that third. It would be even nicer to have a fourth one done, but I'm not holding my breath. The requirements are I must have at least 18,000 words and it can go up to 39,999. I've got more than 6,000 words done already so I don't see myself having any trouble with beating the deadline of July 01st by quite a bit.

The good news for those interested in Jude is I finished a new chapter on his story. I’d like to have it come out late summer, early fall given the time of year the events take place, but we will see.

Tomorrow's excerpt will be a surprise. To me too! LOL. Haven't decided.


  1. I hope you have a fabulous time with your mom and sister. I've never been to Vegas or seen those shows. So jealous! :)

  2. I hope you have a great vacation!! And definitely Go You! for going to show solo. Hopefully the eye-candy fairy will be kind and give you something pretty to oggle (besides the pretties that are sure to be on stage).

    BBC had a series on Cirque de Soliel years ago. Showed how they create a new show, from development to casting to training. Very cool.

  3. Sounds like a lovely time! I've never been to a Cirque show, but I've heard great things, so hopefully it'll be worth every dime!

    Travel safe and have fun! :) Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and if you do, you know what they say about Vegas...

    Oh and Lily, I haven't been to Vegas either, which is pretty funny considering I've been everywhere BUT Vegas on the West Coast, and the rest of the US for that matter!

  4. Have a FABULOUS time - I am so pleased for you...

    Family time and a show tossed in....

    Leave the laptop at home and have some me time...

    Give us the scoop when you get back..


  5. LOL about probably not writing sex scenes with your mom and sister there! Heh. Understandable.

    I hope you have a great time!

  6. Thanks everyone. It should be very cool.

    Would be even cooler if I hadn't wrecked the garage door opener this morning getting out of the garage, grrrrrr.

    And EH, oh hon, that's what a laptop is for, is to bring it places. LOL. I can't go without it. But trust me, I will have a great time.

  7. Have a wonderful time, Shawn! You'll love Cirque de Soliel. I saw Quidam years ago, and it was breathtaking.

  8. Thanks, Eyre, I know I will since I saw Mystere years ago. I'm looking forward to it.