Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Quickies

Just a few more quick things.

I'll announce the winner of Only For Him Saturday.

I won't be posting an excerpt this Saturday because I just don't want to. LOL. Look for it to come back NEXT Saturday.

I'm excited for Only For Him to come out. I've been talking up Barnaby for ages. I hope you'll like him as much as I do. Hopefully, Nathan won't come off as too much of a prick! lmao.

Don't forget to check Friday for author, Andi Anderson's interview.


  1. I have a feeling Barnaby will more than live up to the hype :)

    Ashtyn looks like he might need a bath. You know, I'm more than willing to offer up my services and lend a hand ;)

  2. Yep! lol

    And keep your grubbie hands off that dirty boy! I get him first.

  3. I was just offering... ;) I'm also willing to take him off your hands after you cleaned him up :)

  4. Oh God! I love this man! Dirty or clean I'd still jump him!

  5. Showering with a friend is my favorite pastime. Lol!