Monday, April 26, 2010

Light or Angst

So, lately, though I have written angst in the past, I have been writing lighter fare. I think the Only Forever series is definitely an example of this and so is The Best Gift and its sequel, Still the One.

What made me think of this was recent comments made by a few readers. One said I write angst and the other didn't see it that way but thought I wrote mostly light, sweet fare. Not sure either opinion is wrong. Certainly a suicidal hero is angsty. But sure there are probably writers out there writing a lot more angst than I do.

Amor En Retragado is definitely an example.

However, I think you will find after my next two releases of Only His Heart and His One and Only (neither are without some troubles, of course), that the next few releases will be more angst-filled, beginning with Pieces. I believe The Beach House will be a bit more angsty even if it does surround a summer affair. And God knows, Twice in a Lifetime (Jude) will be, as well as The Same Side and Sorcerer's Lover 3.


  1. I think I read your angstier works a while ago, so now the lighter, sweeter stuff is fresh in my mind. Obviously, I need to do some rereading! Your books at EC were some of my very earliest m/m romances and are definitely part of what got me so completely enthralled with m/m. :)

  2. I personally like that you write both. We never know what we are going to get with your books, except that they are always going to be a favorite.

  3. Shawn, you're a versatile writer who has written books that suit a variety of readers. Everyone wishes he/she had that talent!

  4. Thanks Mags and Eyre.

    Chris, you are right, a lot of the angstie stuff was a while ago but that is about to change. The light stuff has been fun, though.

  5. I love that you write both angst and lighter books. Whatever my mood, one of your books is sure to hit the spot. :)

  6. Thanks, the bribe money is on the way, lol

    veri word is manumb...odd

  7. You know I'm in the angst column, but let me explain why. Maybe instead of angst I should say emotion?

    You manage to take and wring the heart from my chest with the way you write the emotionally difficult scenes. You speak to me and affect me in a visceral way.

    And so even though there are probably writers out there who have more potential for such in the situations they write, you are talented enough to max out least for me. I never read you with the kids in the room, so they don't ask, what's wrong mom?

  8. Thank you, hon, that's very kind of you to say so. I'll be producing more such storeis quite soon.

    And, your bribe money is also on the way, lol.