Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Know How I Feel About Tuesdays

A couple reminders first.

Don’t forget to enter to win Only In His Dreams being released this weekend.

Don’t forget to send me any questions you have for Ashtyn. A few of you have but not as many as I thought would.

The work-in-progress is going pretty well, I think. My intention is to have it done no later than the end of March and hopefully before. Then I will be sending it off for review.

His One and Only, the fourth and final story in my only series, is on temporary hold while I finish the story noted above. Once it’s off I will finish His One and Only.

Most of you are aware my bff is Shayne. He has been strongly suggesting an idea for a story that he would very much like to see me write. I am afraid I indulged him and agreed to do it.

Now I don’t know whether you are aware, but Amber Quill’s Allure line has opened for submissions for certain themes. The information can be found on the website but one of the themes is Hot Summer Daze and is supposed to involve summer love affairs (that become much more). The story Shayne wants me to write fit in well here, therefore, I will be releasing a story as part of the series and my story is called, The Beach House.

I will provide more details as to content later when I begin to write it.


  1. Kisses and Tuesday hugs!

    Thanks to Shayne to stirring the muse, always fabulous to hear about another SL story in the works! :)

    You've got my earlier questions for Ashtyn, maybe add a question about how he got into dance training, whether he enjoyed it or was forced to go by his parents, etc. I'm sure you can think of some follow-ups. ;)

  2. When is the deadline for the questions for Ashtyn?

    Jack and Shayne definitely have the gift of persuation!

    Have a great day:)

  3. There's no deadline exactly, I'd just like to get them sooner rather thab later if that makes sense.

  4. Your WIP is going more than 'pretty well'. It's going fabulous! ;)

  5. Thanks! I hope everyone else will think so too! LOL