Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Friday

My bff, Shayne, isn’t feeling well again. So well wishes and love to him.

Only In His Dreams comes out sometime this weekend. Not sure when or what day as Amber Quill releases it at their whim. I hope those who buy it will enjoy the first one of the series.

The winner, whoever, they may be, will need to email me their email address @ so I can send them their book on Sunday. PDF is usually what I send but I can send just about any other format besides print.

Today I will be working madly on the final sex scene for Pieces. I’ll be out most of the day on Saturday. Not sure yet what I will post for tomorrow’s excerpt. I’ll also be blogging at Amber Quill’s blog about the Only series.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Shawn,

    The past couple of weeks AQP has been displaying new releases for sale late Saturday night.

    Hope you feel better Shayne.

    Enjoy your Saturday.


  2. I see you took Ole home with you *g* I hope he's settling in and liking his new digs.

    Poor Shay. :( Send him hugs for me.

  3. Yeah AQ does seem to release on Saturdays except when my book is coming out, lmao. I swear every time I have a new release there they wait until Sunday.

    Yes, Ole has been enjoying his stay and being ogled by my friends who came over the other day too. LOL.

    I haven't heard from Shay since Wednesday so I have a feeling he is spending a lot of time resting. Hope he gets better soon. I am sure Jack is watching out for him.

  4. I agree that Jack is surely taking good care of our Shayne, but I still worry. Those two are too special for all this bad luck.

    Shawn, I didn't comment yesterday, but I don't think too years is too long for a sequel. It may encourage people who haven't read the first book to pick it up, and those of us who have read it will just read it again and enjoy it just as much.

  5. Thanks Eyre. That makes me feel better about the sequel.

  6. Thanks everyone for thinking about Shayne and I. I took him to the doctor this afternoon and he's got bronchitis. He'll be better after he gets a couple of rounds of meds in him.
    Congrats on your upcoming new release, Shawn. Shayne and I are looking forward to reading it.
    Eyre's right. Don't let two years stop you from writing a sequel. It's really not that long if you think about it.

  7. Thanks, Jack. You know how I feel about Shayne.

    I'd give him my lungs but seeing as they've been known to only function at 46% they won't help him much.

    Love you guys, muah

  8. Jack, thank you for giving us an update!

    I know you'll give him all the TLC he needs.

    Love you both!

  9. Oh goodness, I just realized that I used the wrong "too" in my first comment. I'm blaming the cold medicine.