Friday, March 12, 2010

Excerpt Day - Only His Heart by Shawn Lane

Since I don't have a cover for the third book in the series, enjoy this picture.

This is the third book in the Only Forever series. Calvin and Matt's story. Calvin is Barnaby's brother. You'll meet him in Book 2, Barnaby's story.


Jabbing his finger into the speed dial number, Matt waited, breath held as he listened to the rings.

“Dr. Lassiter.”

Matt swallowed, his heart hammering. “Calvin, this is Matt. Matt Walton.”

No response.

His palms sweating, he cleared his throat. “Are you there?”

“Yes. How did you get my number?”


“Ah. Okay, what is it?”

“I was wondering…I’m off today.”

“I remember.”

Matt laid down. He thought maybe it would help. “Want to maybe go somewhere with me?”

Smooth, Matt.


Okay, that was not a no. “Um, dinner?”

Matt could hear a sort or rustling on the other end and he was dreading Calvin saying no. He just knew he was going to. And probably with some lame excuse like he was washing his hair. He prepared himself for the disappointment.

“What time?”

He sat up straight. “What time?”


“I can pick you up at six. If you give me your address that is.”


“I have a car, too. I’ll bring it,” he said quickly.

“All right.”

Matt barely had time to scramble to find a pen before Calvin was rattling off his address. “What do you like to eat?”

“I’m good with just about anything.”


“All right. See you at six.”

Matt smiled as he disconnected the call. Calvin had actually agreed.
* * *

Matt pulled into the end of the driveway at Calvin’s modest suburban home. The good doc lived on a cozy little cul-de-sac.

He’d agonized just a bit on what to wear to his first official first date with Calvin and ultimately decided on black slacks and a navy polo shirt along with his bomber jacket. He’d lined his eye with navy eyeliner.

When the door opened to reveal his date, Matt stared, more than a little in awe. Really, he didn’t think he’d seen a man more attractive, more beautiful than Calvin. Calvin had dressed in navy pants similar in style to his own slacks, but he wore a button down navy pin-striped shirt opened at the throat. A sexy gold rope chain lay against the creamy expanse of his throat.

But when he tore his gaze away from that, it was Calvin’s too blue eyes framed by delicate gold lashes that made his breath hitch and his knees weak. And those…lips. Matt didn’t know how long he could resist those plump, kissable lips.


Matt smiled, exhaling to calm the rapid beat of his heart. “You look fantastic.”

Calvin blushed. “Um, thanks. Let me get my coat.” He returned in just a few seconds shrugging into an Armani coat.

“Wow, nice coat.”

His date shrugged. “A Christmas gift from my grandmother. I think she got it on eBay.” Calvin stepped outside and turned to lock his front door.

When he turned around, Matt crushed his mouth over Calvin’s, unable to resist trying out those lips one second longer. They were the softest, tastiest damn lips he’d ever kissed. He pulled away before Calvin had time to protest too much.

“Sorry,” he said, not sorry at all. “I’ve just been wanting those since I first saw you in the cafeteria.”

Calvin didn’t answer but his lips did turn up just a bit in a small smile. When they reached his car, he raised an eyebrow. “You? A Mercedes?”

He laughed. “I know. It was my stepdad’s. He upgraded and it’s older, so he gave it to me. I rarely ever drive it because the motorcycle gets better mileage and it’s more my image.”

“Definitely,” Calvin agreed. “But there was no way I was going to ride on it.”

“I know. All right, let’s be off.”


  1. Sounds great, Shawn... And we have to wait until may for this? :(

    At least we have Only in his dreams and Only for him next month...

  2. Thanks Rachel.

    May does seem forever. This one is maybe my favorite of the series too.

  3. I can tell this series is going to be a favorite! I love the way Matt just goes for that kiss right away.

  4. I can't wait to read this series! It's going to be great:)

    Thanks for the eye candy too!

  5. Fab choice for an excerpt! Matt and Calvin are SO hot together ;)

  6. Thanks ladies. I am glad you are looking as forward to it as I am.