Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Nothing New Day

This is one of those days when I really have nothing to say. Sad, isn't it? I'd decided I was going to try to post something pretty much every day but what happens to days like this when there is nothing to report?

Hmm. I am anxious to finish Still the One. I love Dusty and Malcolm but others are calling to me. The good news is I am working toward their satisfying conclusion and I don't anticipate having any trouble finishing this weekend.

I'm waiting on two covers at present. I submitted my cover form for Still the One so I am waiting for that and of course the cover for Calvin and Matt's story, Only His Heart.

Once this one is out of the way, I intend to continue writing Jude's story and also to start the final "only" book, His One and Only starring Drew and Mark. Yes, I named Drew after our Drew. I have a tendency to name characters after some people I know and many of the characteristics of people I know, as well as myself, end up in the book.

On Saturday, the excerpt posted will be from Ava March's upcoming release, From Afar. I suggest you don't miss this book if you are an Ava fan because it will be a long time before her next one comes out. Isn't that right, Ava? lol.


  1. Shawn, I love that you named a character after Drew! He's one of my favorite people, and I know your "Drew" will be just as wonderful.

    I think Ms. Ava really wants Shayne to show up with that whip. ;)

  2. I hope I can do a tiny bit of justice to the name Drew, but I am sure he won't come close the the sweet wonderful real thing.

    And you are right, Eyre, Ava does want that whip, lmao.

  3. I love that idea! Drew is such a sweet man and I know your character will be just as lovable!

  4. That's awesome! Who wouldn't love a character like our friend Drew?
    I'm anxious for Jude's story, too!

  5. What can I say? Shayne has a way with that whip. LMAO

    I'm looking forward to you getting back to sexy Rex and Jude ;) And of course I love the idea of Drew and Mark. Workaholics need love, too :)

  6. For some reason I really can picture blue boy in blue leathers and a whip! lol

  7. LMAO, Zach.

    And don't think you can escape the Zach story either. I've had a story with "Zach and Isaac" in the back of my head for a LOOOOOOOOONNNG time, lol

  8. I'll have you know I look absolutely fabulous in blue leathers!
    Not only am I a very well trained whip master, I'm also fabulous with the paddle as well.
    Ava's about to find out how Good I am with them, if she doesn't get back to work! If not, she won't be able to sit down for a week!

  9. Drew's going to be so proud when he sees this!
    I bet that'll make him feel better.

    I have a feeling that Shayne looks pretty damn sexy in his blue leathers cracking that whip and holding that paddle. VERY SEXY INDEED! No wonder Ava isn't working, I know I wouldn't. LOL

  10. No wonder Ava isn't working, I know I wouldn't. LOL

    *G* Shayne does look absolutely fabulous in blue leathers, too. ;) And sitting down is severely over rated. LOL