Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If There is a Worse Day Than Monday...It's Tuesday

I am not fond of Tuesdays. It's too far from the weekend on both ends. And since I feel like crap and had to work anyway, this Tuesday is particularly cruel. Therefore, I had to have Ash.

Well after what I thought was a slow start on Still the One, I actually managed to get about 1,200 words done yesterday. Considering my sick state of mind (I know how is that different from usual) I'm not sure it makes a ton of sense, but it's progress.

To make the Pax it has to be at least an Extended Amber Kiss which is 11,000-17,000 words. The Best Gift was actually only an Amber Kiss at 10,000 words so this story has to be longer than the original. I'm thinking this story will be on the lower end of the Extended Amber Kiss word count but we will see.

I am behind my fellow authors of the pax too. As far as I know only one other of the five of us hasn't turned in their story already. And the other author has 8,000 words done to my 1,200.

I'm not terribly worried. As most of you know I'm a pretty fast writer. See backlist of 4 day books, Pulling Away and Stone of Wrath. I'm pretty sure without even looking I wrote Only His Heart in less than a month. The Only books have been admittedly easy because none of them have complicated plots. They are just relationship stories. No outside forces are trying to rip the guys apart or any of that. Still the One is likewise a relationship story.

The nice thing about Malcolm and Dusty having been together for 5 years is I was able to have their first sex scene of this book in the first chapter. I thought I'd get it in right away and believe me the boys did not mind.


  1. I'm sorry you're still feeling under the weather, but hopefully Ash will help cure what ails you. :)

  2. Thanks, his wet body up against a wall does help. LOL

  3. He would make anyone feel better. Get well soon!

  4. Feel better soon my dear - your body does know when it needs a little break and you have been pushing yourself so hard...

    Rest and soup and loads of tissues.

    I am glad Ashtyn is cheering you up ...and Ava and Dorothy and Ivan....



  5. Thanks everyone. Last night was a really crappy night. Fever, cough. Ugh. I'm trying to hang in there