Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Auto Buy Authors

I'm semi-delirious but thought I'd post this:

This is me the reader.

A recent discussion with Ava March had me thinking who my auto buy authors are. And I realized that it’s changed a bit over the years with some adding on and some dropping off.

Usually the ones that drop off are those that write in a genre I no longer regularly read (Marilyn Lee comes to mind) or an author that has perhaps changed genres his or her self. One auto buy author (Ed McBain) died a few years ago so that was the reason he dropped off.

Now there are authors I almost always buy, but aren’t what I would consider “auto”. I can think of one who writes various types of books and only some of those subject matters interest me. And sometimes even my auto buy authors release an occasional book I don’t feel was quite up to their usual standards. I’m sure we all feel this way.

So without further ado I decided to post my current auto buy authors, in no particular order.

1) J.L. Langley
2) Josh Lanyon
3) Ava March
4) Zathyn Priest
5) Ally Blue
6) A.M. Riley
7) M.L. Rhodes
8) Jayne Ann Krentz (and all her AKAs)

Now, there are many, many more authors that I enjoy many of their offerings, but if I have to go with, they could write a grocery list and I would buy it, these are the ones that come to mind.

Who are your auto buy authors and have they changed over the years? If they have, what are the reasons?


  1. I know exactly what you mean about buying even their grocery list...

    As much as I love the heavy material Lfrom the like of AM Riley, I love the sweet guys as well so people like Carol Lynne & Stormy Glenn are auto for me... I am a big mood reader.

    But I like your list - I have all those authors works as well - I have not read Priest yet... I have the books though

    I would also add to mine
    TA Chase
    Mary Calmes
    Shawn Lane
    Beverly Barton
    Claire Thompson

    and a loads of other - Diana Palmer, Lora Leigh .. etc

    I will mention Ava here - I have not read a Historical in many a moons and I read her books last year and they were a pleasure - Definately on my list...


  2. My mind has gone blank for some reason.
    You are an auto buy for me. You have yet to disappoint me. I love all of your books.
    Zathyn is another author I just immediately buy.
    Ava is terrific, Andrew Grey is good, Andi's book was terrific so I'll buy her next one. Otherwise, I can't think of any more.

    BTW, thanks for everything. You've gained a friend for life.

  3. Hey EH

    I love T.A.'s work too and almost put him on there but he's done some SciFi/Futuristic stuff lately and that's not really my thing.

    I've heard some good things on Mary Calmes but haven't read her yet. I will. Right now I am stuck on reading a true crime book.

    I count myself lucky indeed to be on your list.

  4. Drew, honey, my inbox is always open to you. ALWAYS. Anytime, it gets to you, shoot me an email.

    You mentioned some great authors, too. I've loved the book Andi has been writing and I know you would too.

    And thanks for mentioning me. :-)
    I am honored.

  5. Everyone has listed some great authors! Of course I'd have Ava and Shawn on my list. I'm also certain to buy Andi's books. I love the sweetness of her characters. I'd also have the following:

    1. Carol Lynne (Yeah, I know.)
    2. Cameron Dane
    3. I can tell that Devon Rhodes is going to be an autobuy.
    4. Janet Evanovich
    5. J.D. Robb
    6. J.R. Ward
    7. J.L. Langley

    Gosh, I could go on and on. No wonder my bank balance dwindles quickly some months!

    My word verification is subomilo. Makes me think of Ivan. I've always thought Ivan and Milo would be great character names. :)

  6. My auto-buy authors include:
    -KA Mitchell
    -JL Langley
    -Shawn Lane
    -Devon Rhodes
    -Julia Quinn
    -Lisa Kleypas
    (I buy all their books, though I still have Langely's, Quinn's and Kleypas's latest in my TBR pile...bad me)

    When it comes to ebooks, I have some auto-buy authors at specific pubs. Like with TA Chase, I buy all his Samhain stuff. Amanda Young, auto-buy at Loose Id, though I've bought one of her Samhain books (...but it's in the TBR pile). With authors that write for multiple pubs, their stuff at different pubs has a different feel to it. Makes sense, in a weird way. I target different books to different pubs.

    I loved Cooper Davis's first book Boys of Summer and if her next one Bound by Nature is as good, then I'll be adding her to the auto-buy list.

    Stephanie Laurens and Gaelen Foley used to be auto-buys, but their books started blending together. Felt like the same plot formula with just different character names. So I haven't bought their books in a while. Though some of their early books are still some of my all time favorite m/f historicals.

    Thanks Shawn, EH, Drew and Eyre!! You make me blush *g*

  7. Lovely answers, ladies

    Eyre, don't apologize for enjoying Carol. I've even liked a rare few of her books. It's totally cool.

    Ava, I never thought about authors wriiting differently for other pubs, but it must be true for some. I think I'm pretty consistent with my books across EC, DSP and AQ though.

  8. Ava, I never thought about authors wriiting differently for other pubs, but it must be true for some.

    I think of it as more targeting books to specific pubs versus writing differently. Like with TA Chase, his Samhain books are all m/m contempories. He has a historical at LSB, paranormals and a sci-fi at AQ along with contemporaries. I myself send my kinkier stuff to LI because I think it just fits better there. And for whatever reason I thought vamps would fit better at Samhain. I think that's what I pick up in some authors - the tendency to send certain types of books to certain pubs, and for whatever reason, I get hooked on that feel of story and auto-buy some authors at certain pubs. It doesn't happen often - I'll usually follow authors anywhere.

    I agree, you are very consistent across your pubs.

  9. I'm glad y'all liked Got Mistletoe? enough to try another one written by me. I'm honored more than I can say.

    Well, auto buy authors has changed a lot for me. For one thing, I used to be a die hard historical/regency/western reader for many years. Back then it was:

    Julia Quinn
    Constance O'Banyon
    Leigh Greenwood
    Lisa Kleypas
    Victor Banis (yep his historical book This splendid earth was the bomb!)
    Janelle Taylor
    Jude Deveraux
    Susan Johnson

    Then I started reading contempories and erotic romances 4 years ago and it changed

    Lora Leigh
    Sherri L. King
    J.R. Ward
    Lorelei James
    Lynn LaFleur
    Lori Foster
    Bella Andre
    Marilyn Lee
    Lena Matthews
    Christine Warren
    Madison Hayes
    Rhyannon Byrd

    Now I pretty much read M/M romances and I don't see me ever changing back to straight romances really ever again. I got so sick of the heroines! UGH!

    I buy these authors if it's not a menage involved. If there is a menage I will pass it over, even if I love their other works. Otherwise, I don't hesitate at all to buy their works

    Shawn Lane
    Ava March
    Claire Thompson
    Carol Lynne
    Stormy Glenn
    Zathyn Priest
    TA Chase
    GA Hauser
    Jade Falconer
    Shayla Kersten
    JL Langley
    ZA Maxfield
    Fae Sutherland
    Sean Michael
    BA Tortuga
    AKM Miles
    Bobby Michaels
    Jet Mykles
    ML Rhodes
    Kate Steele
    Katrina Strauss
    Drew Zachary
    Devon Rhodes
    Amanda Young
    AM Riley

  10. I read what I'm in the mood for. Like EH said, I'm more of a mood reader.

    I read straight romances for a long time. I liked a variety, and I don't know if I had that many auto buys for me. I just read whatever looked good.

    I do remember liking Shirlee Busbee, Susan Johnson, Robin Schone. I adored Jude Deveraux's Velvet series. LOL. Beyond that, I can't remember who else. (Blame the cough medicine) LOL

    I like Lora Leigh, but after a while it's all the same.

    Of course my favorite authors are that I will automatically by are
    Shawn Lane (Muah)
    Ava March
    Zathyn Priest
    AM Riley
    ML Rhodes
    Andi Anderson
    JL Langley

    Otherwise I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kinda reader. LOL.

    Carol Lynne??!! Eyre,EH and Shell Bell say it ain't so! Good thing I still love ya anyway. LOL

  11. Wow, there, Shell/Andi, that is a lot of authors! lol.

    The only straight romance author I read nowadays on a regular basis is Jayne Ann Krentz. Her heroes do it for me, what can I say, and her writing is clever and witty.

    I read many of those you mentioned in the past though.

  12. Great list there, Shayster. Most of mine are there, too.

    And I want to add that I will autobuy Andi and Devon, as well. Sorry girls. I blame my cold. And no, I am not better. I am altogether sick of being sick. No more breathing on me, Shayster.

  13. Poor Shawn! I hope you get better soon.

    Shayne, it seems that there's something about Lynne's books that just doesn't appeal to lots of men. I don't think any of my male friends read her books, but I still say you just started with the wrong one!

  14. I like a variety of authors

    John Grisham
    Shawn Lane
    JL Langley
    Stephen King
    Sean Michael
    Zathyn Priest

    I know there are more, I just can't think of them.

    I haven't read Carol's books. Jack and Shayne don't care for her, so I know we won't probably like her either.
    If we WERE to try her, what would you recommend, Eyre?

  15. Hey thanks for including me there, B. I like Stephen King, too, but there are one or two of them that had descriptions that didn't appeal to me.

    I'm reading Under the Dome on and off but it is LONG even on my kindle, lol

    I'm trying to think of my favorite Lynne book and can't really think of one I'd recommend for you and Josh but Eyre or Shell might be able to come up with one.

  16. Brent, I liked Coach and Live for Today in the Campus Cravings series. Coach is the first in the series and LFT is the last. I'm a sappy girl, so I enjoyed Brier's Bargain and Seb's Surrender in the Bodyguards in Love series, which is a spinoff of the Men in Love series. The MIL books give some of Brier's background, but they also have lots of menage. I know that some people don't enjoy that.

    I really liked Into the Montana Mist, the third book in the Saddle Up and Ride series.

    I'm reading the Gaymes anthology now, and Lynne has a story in it. I'm enjoying it. (Devon Rhodes has one in it to, so you know it's worth reading!)

    Her books do tend to follow a formula, but I'm okay with that. Sometimes when I'm mentally exhausted I like a nice, predictable read.

  17. @brent...

    Finnegans Promise... Carol Lynne..

    You can't go wrong with that one...


  18. I was in the depths of finishing a manuscript hell last week, so just now catching up. You guys are so sweet, I'm literally blushing and rubbing my scalp (total tell for me being embarrassed).

    Solid autobuys for me:

    Shawn Lane
    Ava March
    KA Mitchell
    Madelaine Urban & Abigial Roux
    JL Langley
    Claire Thompson (don't have to buy anymore since I proof for her, ultimate fangirl job)
    GA Hauser (ditto, editing for her now, so life is good)
    Carol Lynne (also proof all her TEB stuff)
    Bertrice Small
    Laurell K Hamilton
    Karen Marie Moning

    New autobuys (either newer authors or just discovered them within the past couple months):

    Andrew Grey
    Andi Anderson
    Patric Michael
    Jet Mykles
    Sean Michael
    Sean Kennedy
    Belinda McBride

    Hope by now you're feeling better sweetie!