Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need a Title

This isn't a contest, really, just asking for suggestions, and of course, if you suggest something you'll have my undying gratitude for whatever that's worth. LOL

As you know, I have finished two of my three books in the "only" series. The first two are Only in His Dreams and Only For Him. What this means is the third book needs to have "only" in the title. Anyone want to offer suggestions?

Here is the basic premise (subject to change on Shawn's whim):

Dr. Calvin Lassiter is an emergency room doctor who buries himself in his high stress job. He has no time for a relationship and most definitely is not interested in the new emergency room nurse, Matt Walton.

Matt is exactly what he doesn't want. An eyeliner wearing bad boy who rides a motorcycle.

Matt is intrigued by the stuffy, too beautiful for words doctor, but the good doc is as cold as ice. Matt's fellow nurses bet him he can't melt Dr. Lassiter and get him into his bed.

Too fascinated by Calvin not to try, Matt succeeds in breaking the doctor's hard exterior, but as their relationship gets serious, Matt can't help but fear the wall will come between them for good if his co-workers tell his sexy doctor the truth.

So, there you have it. Suggestion away, but please do think of something with "only" in the title.


  1. I'm really looking forward to this series!

    Hmm, lets see if I can come up with some title ideas...

    Only You
    If Only
    Only To Be
    Only With You
    Only Us
    By Trust Only
    If Only For Each Other
    The Only Exception
    The Only One For Me

    Okey, that was some suggestions. Hope you like at least one of them. *lol*

  2. Only Skin Deep
    Eyes Only For You
    It's Only Love
    Only You & Me
    My One and Only / My One, My Only

    Here's some more - I'm on a roll.^^

  3. I just keep thinking about those old songs "Only Love Can Break a Heart" and "Only the Lonely."

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, T.T. And you, too, Eyre.

    I appreciate everyone's enthusiasm for the series. I've got everyone all excited so I can only hope it doesn't suck rocks, lol.

  5. I seriously doubt it'll suck, Shawn! I haven't read one book by you I haven't liked yet. *g*

  6. I can say with some authority (since I'v read 2 of the books already - *g*) that that the books rock! No suckage at all...well, there is some sucking in the books, but only the good kind ;)

    As for title suggestions, I'm not even going to try. You know how bad I suck at titles. LOL

  7. I feel like the next one would start with something like "His Only --", but I can't seem to figure out what the next word would be. Passion, desire, love? I'm trying to think of something doctor related but can't find any good romantic medial terms- heart maybe?
    His Only Heart
    Only in His Heart

  8. Shawn I seriously love that blurb...

    It certainly piqued my interest...
    my title is (this jump out at me straight away)

    Only Because...You


  9. Thanks, EH. That blurb was shockingly easy to write, which is a big change for me, lol.

    Great suggestions everyone. Thank you! Calvin and Matt thank you too. lol