Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Think I Have a Title (Only His Heart)

So I think I am going to go with Only His Heart or His One and Only. Something along those lines. As D.L. pointed out, in order to go along with Only In His Dreams and Only For Him, I think the pronoun in the third book needs to match. I'm leaning toward Only His Heart.

I actually started it and have about 1,000 words done but now I think it needs work. Not sure I like the words I have so far and may redo what I have written. We'll see. I wanted to work on it and so I did, but really, I do need to work on Still the One.

PS. The middle picture is more my image of Calvin, although, perhaps just a smidge older looking, but fairly close. Last time on the Ash pics for a while since I need to do Still the One.

E.H., feel free to ignore my fantasy picture and make up one of your own.

And because Eyre felt bad, I put the first picture pack. Oh and there's Zac, too. LOL


  1. Those titles sound great! I agree that you need one with a pronoun.

    I'll have to go over to E.H.'s side on that picture. That guy looks like he's 14 or 15! He's pretty, but he looks too young for me. :)

  2. Eyre honey that's the same guy I've been posting all along. It's Ashtyn who you posted yourself. If he's too old for you well, I'll keep him and you can take the grandpas

  3. It must be the hair! He looks so much younger there! I can't believe that I missed that was him. You said it right there in your post. LOL! I always tell my students to look for the context clues. I'm giving myself an F today for paying attention to details! :)

  4. I think the new one does look older, but you probably want to get other peoples' opinions. Apparently, I'm having some issues judging ages and recognizing faces tonight. Of course, I could use the excuse that in most of Ash's other pictures, I didn't look at the faces much. Okay, now I feel really pervy.

  5. Oh, you took the other one away! Now people will really think I'm loony! LOL!

  6. lmao, no they won't.

    I'm almost 45 (2 months) and you were making me feel like a perv, lol

  7. Oh, now I feel bad! I never meant to make you feel like a perv! I just meant that I felt like one because I've spent too much time staring at this beautiful guy from the neck down.

  8. No worries, I have the hots for lots of younger men (Zac Efron) and I'm okay with that, lol.

  9. Congrats on the newest title. I hate that you might have to go back and redo what you've written so far. Backtracking is never fun.

    I think all of the eyecandy is terrific! Zac's never been a fav of mine. I love Ashtyn though! I think you have terrific tastes...even if you are a cougar! ROAR! =D

    Keep those pretty boys coming!

  10. My vote is to keep the P.Y.T's coming! Blonde is so very sexy. Love those full lips and those pretty eyes! All he needs is some gloss and eyeliner and he's be perfection. Yum Yum give me some!

    I agree with Drew, I'm not a big Zac fan. I think he needs to dirty his image some. He reminds me of someone who would do it in the dark with all of his clothes on. Was that tacky to say? LMAO!!

  11. Don't sweat it Eyre, we're all a bunch of pervs! Thank god i'm in good company!!

    P.Y.T's are divine! Love 'em! I may not comment on every post, Shawn, but I have enjoyed your Ashtyn pictures. Yes, he's young and so very sexy so I wear my perv statis proudly! Love him...Love the pretty boys. Keep 'em coming!

    Maggie I think you're assessment of Zac is correct! ROFLMAO!

  12. I've decided to put my two cents in, not that it really matters! lol!
    I love pretty boys. I've been the eye candy you've been posting for some time now. Love him! I don't think he looks too young. I think he's perfect. Sigh.
    I vote for pretty boys. I love your pretty boy characters, too.

    Zac's a cutie, but he needs to be shaken up a little bit.

  13. I am glad I am in good company, lol. I'm so ancient compared to all of you but I still love the

    Trust me I get teased about my tastes. I think Zac hides a naughty exterior. :-D And our Zach, too, lmao.

    No worries the pretty pics will keep coming as will the pretty boy characters.

  14. Don't feel bad, Shawn. I'm 40 and I still prefer the pretty young things, too!
    Keep Ashtyn coming!

  15. I love the title!

    I love Ashtyn and the young pretty boys, too. YUM!

    Hmmm...Maggie-girl...looks like YOU are a David Venable/QVC watcher too! LOL

    I think all of the grading has messed with our Eyre's eyesight! I know she adores the pretty ones too.

    Zac's cute, but you know I prefer his evil darker twin Brent Corrigan. *evil laugh*

  16. All I can say is that this has been a loonnnggg week, and I must have been delusional!

    Zac is hot, but I know why Shanyne likes Brent better now that I've googled him! Wow!

  17. Listen you Shawn.... you are under rating the men I love.... There's a lot to be said for laughter lines...

    I will admit those teeny boopers are cute - but nooooooo not for me...

    I am probably jaded - I have a whole slew of footballers to look at everyday... kind of too much of a good thing...

    Love the title my dear.....

    Glad to know the story is coming along well - make sure you are getting some rest as well....