Monday, December 21, 2009

Waking the Prince Excerpt

Since I am running out of topics to discuss before Christmas and Only in His Dreams still is without a cover, thought I'd post an excerpt fr0m my current work in progress, Waking the Prince.

Roland kept a wide berth as he walked with the warrior, Magnus, to Amir’s graveyard. He’d never seen such a big man before. Magnus was dressed in his chain mail with large bulging muscles and a wicked looking sword.

Still, Roland could not deny he found much to admire about Magnus. His cheeks heated just thinking about how handsome the man was. Roland knew he was not supposed to find men attractive. But how was he to help it when faced with a man like Magnus?

Magnus was quite a bit taller than Roland. Probably a foot taller. Roland didn’t know how tall he was himself. The warrior had shoulder length dark hair, almost black, and dark piercing eyes with long, thick black lashes. His face was hard and rugged, his jaw chiseled like rock.

Roland missed a step and tripped. Magnus’s arm shot out bridging the distance between them effortlessly and steadied Roland. His face flamed hotter.

He cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

Magnus merely nodded and kept walking as though he knew where the graveyard was without Roland’s assistance.

Roland lifted his heated face to the cloud-filled sky for a moment, hoping it would cool him. He hurried after Magnus. “H-how long have you been a warrior?”

Magnus shrugged. “A long time. My father was one before me. I’ve been trained to be one since a boy.”

“I don’t think I could wield a sword like yours.”

“We will work on that.”

Roland frowned as they reached the graves. “We will?”

Magnus crouched down next to Roland’s father’s grave and the one next to it, but said nothing.

“That one there must be your father’s,” Roland said. “I’m sorry my parents did not speak of him.”

“He was a good man and a great warrior. Very loyal to the king and queen.” Magnus straightened, his gaze fixed intently on Roland.

Roland squirmed under the scrutiny. He did not know how to take such open staring. Especially from someone he found attractive. He stepped back and nearly stumbled over a large rock.

Magnus once more caught his arm and steadied him. “You must be careful, Roland.”

“I’ve always been a bit clumsy.”

“Every action you take from now on must be carefully thought out.”

He seemed so serious, Roland laughed. He could not help it. “What does that mean?”

“You will learn very soon.” Magnus glanced at the clouds. “I’ve felt a sprinkle or two. We should head back to your hut. I would not want you to be soaked and then to become ill.”

He might be younger and considerably smaller than Magnus, but that did not make him a child to be coddled. “I am not a baby. I will take the chance.”

A smile curved Magnus’s lips. “Nay, you are no mere babe.” And then, to Roland’s surprise, Magnus felt the muscles of his arms sending unwelcome jolts of longing through him. “Taking care of the crops has given you some muscles. You will fill out more with the training.”


Magnus seemed to step closer until they were only inches apart, so close he could feel the heat radiating from the big warrior’s body. Roland could barely breathe. There was something in Magnus’s gaze he couldn’t quite place, but it warmed his insides.

Magnus shook himself and broke their eye contact. A muscle ticked in his jaw and he exhaled heavily. “Is there a maiden here you are fond of?”

Roland swallowed, startled by the question. “No, there is no maiden.”


  1. Magnus is the perfect name for a hot, hunky warrior!

  2. Being at a loss for words to chat is okay as long as your muses for writing stick with you. Don't know what I would do if that happened. Selfish, huh? Oh well, am honest. Have a great evening. Btw, got over a foot of snow here, want some? Free of charge, too, lol.


  3. Thanks for giving us something to look forward too!
    I won't see you until next week.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Thanks for the excerpt Shawn! I'm looking forward to this one!