Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Only in His Dreams

Yes, my friends, I finished Only in His Dreams and submitted it to Amber Quill. As my BFF would say, "go me".

I have a release date of March 14, 2010.

Three months seems like a long time but in the publishing world it really is not long at all. As soon as I have a cover I'll post it.

No resting for too long though as I have way too many stories that need to get done.

I'm nearly finished with part two of the Christmas freebie too so I will be posting that sometime today.


  1. Go YOU indeed! March can't come soon enough! :) Congrats on the completion and submission S!

  2. Go you... well done Shawn...

    Three months will go in no time...


  3. Congrats on getting the book done!! :D

  4. Congrats! I know it will be wonderful.

  5. GO YOU is right! Way to go, AF! All of us can't wait to read it!