Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kevin's Perfect Christmas, part two

Noah fiddled with the radio buttons while Charlie drove to Kevin and Michael’s house in the canyons. He found one of those stations that played twenty-four hour Christmas tunes and leaned back in his seat and yawned.

Charlie glanced his way. “Are you okay?”

“Just tired. That business trip wiped me out.”

“Well, why didn’t we cancel?”

Noah laughed. “You still don’t know Kevin. He would have thrown a hissy fit and insisted we come. He’d probably have even sent Michael to fetch us. It’s okay, it’ll be fun.”

“All right. But you know, you have been gone for several days. I was hoping for some serious alone time.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll see that you get that. Tomorrow is just for us, I promise.”

His lover nodded. “Sounds great.”

“I’m sorry I missed the last few nights of Chanukah.” He’d been forced to fly to St. Louis on December sixteenth. He loved getting promoted, but traveling sucked.

Charlie nodded. “I know. It’s all right.”

“It’s not,” Noah insisted. “But I’ll make it up to you, I promise. I want us to celebrate both. So, what did you get me for Christmas?”

“Nope, you have to wait for Santa to bring it to you tomorrow morning like all the other kids. My lips are sealed.”

Aren’t we too old for surprises? Haven’t we reached the age where surprises could hurt us?”

Charlie laughed. “Not even close, hon.” He turned the car down the street where their friend’s house was. The residential block was heavily decorated with Christmas lights, including many lawn ornaments and lighted deer. He parked in the long winding driveway per the instructions they’d been given by Kevin.

Noah got out and looked around at the yard and house. Kevin and Michael’s driveway had been lined with flashing candy canes. On the front lawn were several lighted lawn ornaments in reindeer, snowmen, angel and Santa shapes. And of course the outside of the house was adorned with enough multi-colored bulbs to make Clark Griswold proud.

Charlie smiled and glanced at him over the car. “Festive.”

Noah laughed. “Yes, that’s Kevin.” He reached in and grabbed the gift bags they’d brought with them.

The front door, upon which was placed a giant blinking lighted wreath decorated with a large red velvet bow, was flung open as soon as they approached. A practically bouncing Kevin stood in the doorway.

“Merry Christmas,” Kevin called.

Noah had to admit his friend’s enthusiasm was infectious. He pulled Kevin into a tight embrace. “Merry Christmas to you, too.”

“Come in, come in.” Kevin practically ripped his arm off pulling him inside. Just before he turned around, Noah noticed his cheerful Christmas sweater. Kevin quickly pulled Charlie in, too. He placed a quick kiss on Charlie’s cheek and then closed and locked the door. “Wait here.”

Noah watched his friend dash down the hall, bemused.

“Hey, what are you two standing in the hallway for?” Michael came into the hallway wearing a green Christmas sweater with snowflakes and glitter for crying out loud. Noah’s jaw dropped.

“Nice sweater,” Charlie murmured.

Kevin returned carrying two gift bags. He shoved one at Noah and one at Charlie. “Open them now.”

Noah eyed it suspiciously. He was beginning to think he knew what it was with a tiny bit of dread. He peered inside. A long-sleeved green and red striped sweater. He pulled it out with resignation. In the middle of the chest was a rather goofy looking penguin wearing a Santa hat.

Isn’t he adorable?” Kevin asked. “Put it on.” He looked expectantly at Charlie.

Charlie’s lips twitched, but he pulled out a blue sweater with stars and snowflakes.

“I didn’t think you’d want to wear one with Santa or a nativity or anything,” Kevin explained. “Put those on and then come into the living room.” He grabbed Michael’s hand. “Come on.”

Charlie smiled after them. “I guess we have to put these on, huh?”

Noah was already pulling his over his head. “I couldn’t disappoint Kevin, so I would say yes.”

“Yeah, if I crushed Kevin’s feelings Michael would pummel me.” Charlie put the blue sweater on with a grimace. “Geez, I’m hot already.”

“I wouldn’t worry too much about Michael pummeling you. I’ll protect you,” Noah said.

Charlie chuckled. “No offense, hon, but I think he could take you.”

Noah shook his head. “I’m a black belt in karate.”

“Wait, what? How come I didn’t know that?”

Noah patted his arm and kissed his cheek. “You didn’t ask. We’d better head into the living room.” He reached down to scoop up the presents they’d brought.

“Wait,” Charlie said. He gestured at the ceiling where Kevin had hung a bit of mistletoe. “Kiss me.”

Noah pulled him close, threading his fingers through Charlie’s dark curls. “My pleasure,” he whispered, just before taking Charlie’s lips in a slow, sensual kiss.

“Hey, no hankie-pankie in the front hall,” Kevin yelled from the living room.

Charlie sighed, but smiled. “Guess we’d better go in.”
Hand in hand they walked into the brightly decorated living room.

“There you are,” Kevin exclaimed. He pointed to a silver tray laid out on the coffee table. On it were two glass mugs filled with a chocolaty–looking steaming hot drink. “Those are peppermint patties. Each of you gets one.”

Noah couldn’t help but grin as he picked up one mug and handed it to Charlie and then he took a sip from the other mug. “Hey, this tastes just like a peppermint patty.”

“I know, I practiced all week,” Kevin assured them.

“No wonder you’ve been in a good mood every night,” Michael said, drinking from his own mug.

“Ha, ha.”

“It’s pretty good, what’s in it?” Charlie wanted to know.

“Peppermint schnapps, crème de cacao, and chocolate syrup.”

Noah noticed that now perched on the top of Kevin’s head was a dark red velvet Santa hat. He hoped his friend hadn’t also bought one of those for each of them. “What’s for dinner, Kev?”

“I’m glad you asked, because I want your help in the kitchen. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, your gravy, and because Michael insisted we have a vegetable, sautéed kale.”

“Vegetables are good for you,” Michael insisted.

“Whatever.” Kevin grabbed Noah’s arm. “Come on. I want to tell you who I saw at the mall.”

“Santa?” Noah guessed with a laugh.

“Well, duh, yeah, but no, come on into the kitchen with me.”


  1. Kev is too adorable with the sweaters! LOL! What a mental picture!

  2. Only Kevin would meet guest at the door with a gift - and what a gift....

    He is still king of the hill...

    Thanks Shawn...


  3. Part 2 was fabulous!!

    Now hurry up and post part 3 :)

  4. I loved it! It's one of the few things that made me laugh today.

  5. Thanks, girls. Um, yeah, got to get to that don't I?

  6. OH MY GOD! This story is absolutely fabulous! You had me laugh out loud and I startled the worthless dogs into barking! LOL! If they wake the kids up, I'm not giving them a treat today! GRRR!

    I love it, Gorgeous! GO YOU!

  7. I love Kevin! Thanks for posting a free story! Will there be more?

    Thank you Shayne for the helpful hint!

  8. I am seriously in love with Kevin! He is my very fav character! I can't wait until the next story!



  9. I just read part one and part two of Kevin's Perfect Christmas and it made me remember how much I love Kevin!
    Thanks for the free story, Shawn! I'm excited to read part three!!

    Great blog!

  10. Thanks everyone. You can tell I am pretty fond of Kevin myself.

    I'll try to have part 3 up soon.

  11. Love it! Now I'm headed over to read the conclusion!