Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Only Wondering

Just a non-scientific survey for my own curiosity

1) If I read a bad review on a review site for a book by an author I have never read before I will probably not read that book.

Yes or No

2) If I read a good review on a review site for a book by an author I have never read before I will probably buy the book.

Yes or No.

3) Even if I see bad reviews on a book by an author I almost always enjoy I will still buy their book.

Yes or No.

4) I rarely read reviews on review sites as I know my own likes and dislikes and can generally figure out from reading trusted authors or blurbs and excerpts whether I will like the book.

Yes or No.

Just thought I’d throw these questions out. Feel free to add your thoughts as well. I was talking not that long ago with someone and noted before I became a published writer myself I never read reviews of any books I had bought. I just chose books based on either having read the author before or liking the sound of the book. The first book I read by J.L. Langley for instance was Without Reservations. I just liked the cover and the sound of it so I bought it and I have been a huge fan of hers ever since.


  1. There are only a few reviewers whose opinions I trust fully.

    There has been several occasions where I bought a book because their review was just so great. I've discovered many new authors that way.

    However, BAD reviews...unlike some people, they do not turn me off from a book--AT ALL.

    As a matter of fact, sometimes when I read a review that is just ripping a book to shreds, I feel inclined to buy it just to prove that there is no way the book could have been that bad, lol.

    Yeah, I'm odd.

  2. Hey Shawn... non-scientific survey you say...

    Well here's my input...

    1) No - If I want to read a book there is nothing on earth that can make me not want to read it...

    2) Same as before - I have learn over time that not all positive reviews are all they are cracked up to be.

    3)Definitely yes...

    4)I do read review alot, I value other people's opinion and more often than not reading other peoples style enable me to see another point of view that I have not thought about before.

    It's also nice to discuss the difference and I find its the difference that make a great book.

    Great topic Shawn - I am also intrigue to find out why people chose the books they do...

    Then again - I have found that some reviewers trashing of a book only encourage me snap up the book.


  3. Yep just totally just wondering. There's been a lot of talk about reviews in blogland lately which got me thinking.

    I know I have read reviews from both of you for books I probably wouldn't have heard of if it weren't for you so that definitely got me buying the book.

    You two are like me. Sometimes a negative review will get me to buy the book. I guess that makes all three of us odd!

    And then there are some reviewers I almost never agree with so I am bound to like whatever they hated.

    Bottom like for me, especially when it's a favorite author of mine, I usually read it whatever the reviews say.

  4. Interesing questions!

    1. It depends on what the reviewer didn't like about the book. Like if a reviewer obviously doesn't like a lot of angst and the review reflected that, then it wouldn't disuade me from buying the book because I love angst. It would actually make me interested to buy the book (and I have bought books that got bad reviews and found out that I loved the book). The only time a bad review would negatively influence my book buying would be if the reviewer really hit upon things that I really don't like in a book. Things I would not have known simply from reading the blurb or an excerpt.

    2. It depends. If it's a book that sounds like something I would like, then a good review will usually pique my curiosity to read the book, or remind me to go get the book.

    3. Yep, I'll still buy the book.

    4. Like you, I didn't read reviews for books until I was published. I usually buy books when I'm browsing publishers' sites or bookstore shelves, though I have found great books through reviews from trusted sites that I might have never picked up otherwise.

  5. 1) Yes (if it's a review site that I trust), unless the blurb is too interesting to resist. It also depends on the review, which is why I like detailed reviews. Sometimes, what didn't work for the reviewer I have no problem with myself (like slow pacing for example). Also, sometimes there might be something about the story that makes it worth reading or make me enjoy reading it even with its flaws, so I suppose it really depends for me.

    2) Yes (if I trust the reviewer/review site). I like to try new authors.

    3) Yes. For some authors, there's a little something about their writing that I like, and if that little something is there, even if the book is not as good as the other ones, I might still enjoy it.

    4) No. For me, there's no way to 'predict' the quality of a book or whether one will like it or not from the blurbs alone. Also, I've discovered some great new authors through reviews.


  6. Thanks for your thoughts Ava and Falconer. It's interesting to see the differing opinions.