Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Next Release

Retired from the police force after a tragic shooting, Jason Sweet hasn’t been back to his hometown, Sutter’s Bay, for fifteen years. With his mother’s final days approaching, Jason returns to make peace with his mother and his past. Part of that past includes former best friend and lover, Danny Yarrow.

Danny’s satisfied with his life as a drama teacher at the local high school, but the one thing missing is the love of a good man. He’s only too happy to be reunited with Jason. They’ve both grown and changed since their broken teenaged relationship. Jason hasn’t had an easy time of it since leaving Sutter’s Bay, but Danny intends to convince his friend and former lover that when it comes to taking chances, their love is worth it.

Next weekend, Sweet Reunion will be released. This is my last release until December (at least as I write this), so when it comes out, I hope you will consider adding it to your collection.

Here is an Excerpt:

...Danny gasped for breath even as Jason’s tongue invaded his mouth. He’d thought for a moment he was going to have to make a move on Jason tonight like he had before when they were younger, so Jason knocking him to the mattress stunned him.

His heart slamming hard in his chest, Danny inched his hands underneath Jason’s shirt and fanned his fingers over the warm, soft flesh of his abdomen. Jason’s bare skin almost scorched him.

Jason growled low in his throat and flipped him so Danny lay on top. Jason grabbed Danny’s ass, grinding their pelvises together.

Danny moaned and reached for the buttons of Jason’s shirt. He slid the buttons from their holes and eased it off his shoulders, his fingertips grazing the hard muscles of Jason’s arms.

Tearing his lips from Danny’s, Jason rasped, “Have to get you naked.”

His cock grew impossibly harder and he couldn’t help agreeing naked would be better. “Yeah, you, too.”

Jason tugged off Danny’s shirt, tossing it aside even as he removed his own shirt the rest of the way. His fingers stroked over Danny’s nipples causing him to tremble all over with need. “You’re so beautiful, so damn sexy.”

“I was about to say that about you,” Danny said huskily.

“Condom and lube?” Jason asked, his lips moving to Danny’s throat to suck at the pulse there.

He pushed into Jason’s touch, seeking more. It was difficult to form a thought in his head while his lover’s hands roamed over his ass, let alone respond to the question. Danny closed his hand around the bulge in Jason’s trousers.

“Ah, fuck. Condom and lube, Danny?” he asked again, more urgently this time.

“Um, o-okay. H-hold on.” Danny pressed his lips to Jason’s, slipping his tongue inside. Their tongues twirled together. His eyes drifted closed as Jason’s fingers dug into his jean-clad ass.
He heard a sort of humming and realized it came from him. Even as his fingers itched to bury within the strands of Jason’s hair, Jason groaned and flipped him onto his back once more. He felt Jason yanking at his jeans without bothering to undo the snaps. He lifted up a little to make it easier.

Jason broke their kiss and abruptly stood. He bent over the bed and pulled off Danny’s jeans and shoes the rest of the way. His sneakers went flying.

Danny swallowed, startled by the blazing lust in Jason’s gaze. “In the bathroom, under the sink.”

His lover disappeared, so he used the opportunity to get rid of his boxer briefs. He threw them toward the straw hamper in the corner of his bedroom.

A fully naked Jason came back into his view and stood over him holding the lube. He’d already dressed his rigid cock with a condom. He dropped the tube of lube onto Danny’s stomach.
Jason knelt on the bed beside him.

Danny grabbed the tube and squirted a large amount into the palm of his hand. He couldn’t tear his gaze away from Jason. “Come closer.”

The man did as requested and Danny planted a kiss on his soft lips before he reached for his lover’s erection, rubbing the lube over the sheathed hard cock. It jumped in his hands even as he swirled a fingertip around the fat head. Smiling, he stroked up and down the length.

Jason lowered his lips to Danny’s, but the kiss was over sooner than Danny wanted, a fleeting thing. Jason rubbed his thumb over Danny’s bottom lip. “Easy, Danny. Let’s go slow, I want to taste you again first.”

“T-taste me?”

“Uh-huh.” Jason slid down his body and placed himself between Danny’s quivering legs. Danny expected Jason to pull his dick into his mouth, so he was a little startled when Jason hands raised Danny’s ass cheeks and his tongue dove in. This was something they hadn’t done fifteen years ago...


  1. why do you do this - I am still recoverying from Beyond the Norm and now this....


    need I say more...


  2. Wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm going to go into Shawn withdrawal...December?? Ah, still, it's been a fantastic run this year for you..Thank you!! :)

  3. Yeah, see what happens when I can't write as fast, lol. Oh, well, I am working on more stories!

  4. YAY!!! I can't wait to read it! Once again, it looks like you've written heroes that are going to be very sexy and addictive to read about!
    DECEMBER!! UGH! What are we going to do without any new releases until then? I'll just have to reread some of my favorites again:) Car wash, Beyond the Norm, The squire, Trust, Perfect man and so on!
    Congrats on your upcoming release, Shawn! I know it's going to be a keeper! :)

  5. Yeah it's strange to go two months without a release. I may have to do something about that, lol.