Friday, September 4, 2009

Ah, A Long Weekend

Nothing all that new and exciting to report.

Beyond the Norm seems to be doing well in its first couple days of release so I am pleased about that.

I got my galley for Sweet Reunion so I will be going over that over the long weekend.

And my few days of rest after completing Ticket to Ride must officially come to an end and work begins in earnest on Twice in a Lifetime.

Also the most generous Barbara of the fabulous blog, Happily Forever After, who did some work on Ava March's blog has generously offered to tweak mine if I so desire and of course I do. So watch out for a new look sometime soon (got to figure out what I want).


  1. Do you have the Monday off in the UK as well?

  2. I am in sunny So. California. :-)
    Not sure about the UK. EH who comes on here to comment sometimes is in the UK so she could tell us. I have been informed that it is a holiday in like 58 countries

  3. For some reason, I always thought you were in the UK... =D

  4. :-D

    I went to Ireland in 1995 (wow that was long ago) and it was AWESOME. Got to stay in castles and everything. Way cool. But nah, I am born, raised and living in the rock and rollin' state.