Friday, August 7, 2009

Upcoming Projects

I've come up with a name for my sequel to The Other Side and that is...The Same Side. I wanted it to match with the first one but I kind of felt The Other Side 2 didn't quite work. So, when I begin it, which will not, hopefully, be in the too distant future it will be The Same Side.

To just give you an idea where I plan to take the characters of Ray and Nick, I will say that Nick will still be a cop, but he will be taking on a very dangerous undercover operation that will drive a very serious wedge between the couple. You'll get the answer as to whether Ray won a seat on the city council and Ray's brother, Devon, will come out as gay himself.

The other project I plan on tackling next does not yet have a title. It will involve a secondary character from my September release, Sweet Reunion.

But first, I am working like mad on Ticket to Ride. I need to get my murder mystery romantic suspence tale done in just about three weeks.

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