Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Work In Progress

Working on something new. I hope to have it done and off to Amber Quill by the end of the Independence Day Weekend here in the United States. If I can manage, shortly after I should have a release date. Will post further details as they become available.

New story is called, Sweet Reunion.


  1. So what triggered this new one??

  2. Hi Stacey,

    You will laugh at me (that's okay I laugh at myself), but I had this panic attack that I didn't have anything to release for Amber Quill from the end of July until Ticket to Ride comes out which isn't until December. That's just too long, lol, so while I sat in the commuter bus on the way from work one day I forced myself to think of an idea for a story and bam! It hit me.

    So yeah, just pure panic at not having a release. I'm a little bonkers that way. Ask Ava. She just shakes her head at me.

  3. Yes, I do shake my head at Shawn sometimes, but I how can I not love her? lol Plus, it does amaze me the way she can decide to write a book and bam - the book's written in a couple weeks.

    Love the eyecandy pic! He's quite yummy!!

  4. Isn't he though? I can't decide whether I like his lips or his eyes better.

    I should warn you all though that Sweet Reunion is already shaping to be pretty damn angsty. Dying mother, dead partner (of the police variety), broken hearts. Yup, the angst is back. :-)

  5. Holy Shit!
    If he had long hair he'd be perfect! (what can I say I'm obsessed)

    So our angsty girl is back with a vengence, huh? Get the tissues out girls! I have a feeling we are in a tearjerker!

    Muah! Love you Angsty Queen!

  6. Bring on the chest-tightening, riveting angst, baby! We can take it!

  7. Oh, the eyecandy is beautiful! He does have perfect lips, doesn't he? His eyes are gorgeous, but I vote for his lips - he can do way more fun things with them. ;)

    And you know I love angst, so I'm all for the angst in Sweet Reunion.

  8. Hey, just so you know, I'm 3000 words into a short story inspired by Mr Eye Candy's lips. :) Thanks for posting!

  9. Love when you keep them coming Shawn...

    And however you get your ideas - you also keep on thinking them up.