Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thus Far...

I have seven people entered in the Trust free ebook contest.

There is still time to enter by commenting on the blog that you would like to enter. Contest closes on Sunday, April 26, 2009 at noon PDT.

Trust is a m/m erotic romance.

Trust Blurb:

Brad Callahan has lived with regret for thirteen years. In college, he broke Justin Lowe’s heart by cheating. Justin hasn’t spoken to him since, but his love for Brad never died even if some wounds never heal. When Brad’s paramedic unit is called to an accident, he finds Justin in the wrecked car. Still in love with Justin, Brad visits his former lover and well-known mystery writer in the hospital. When Justin reveals he believes he was forced off the road and has been receiving ominous letters, Brad takes Justin home. Passion long held back ignites and they cannot resist being in each other’s arms. With someone wanting to tear them apart and Justin’s inability to trust Brad again, will love be enough to unite them forever?

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